About Me

Hola! My name is Seema. As a foodie and a food blogger, I keep learning different recipes and then modify them with my own twist to make it suitable for my senses.

Are you tired of looking for recipes all over. For Chinese recipes there is a different site than for American there is another and so on? While going through one such excruciating pain of searching for a perfect site where I can find recipes, tips, presentation of a recipe, and many more such things, I realized that there are not many such sites. I started WorldFoodRecipes is a try to bring the finest recipes from all over the world at one place.

This Web site is nothing but the musing of a hungry stomach, which cannot live without good food. While researching for simple, yet delicious recipes for you to handle, we noticed we did not have many options. That is when it clicked to create a Web site that is easy to navigate, comprehend, and then put to use to satisfy our taste buds.

Recipes on our Web site are quick to make, no fuss, and certainly taste good. We believe that all everybody can cook, and they can cook well. Come join us in this tasteful journey of discovering that yes, cooking is not a rocket science.


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