?HD? Kani cream korokke & Cookingwithdog ??????????

Posted on 28 March 2012 by admin     

So finally Cookingwithdog came visit to my channel and ordered from RUNNY’s! When I met Francis at Tokyo gathering on June 2011. Francis just told me that they were going to order one day (Of course we talked in dog launguage. I can speak dog language.lol ) I was really surprised what I heard. I never expected this would happen to my channel. I’ve been making cooking videos with abstracting several good points from their videos as you can see. I can never get the same quality as them but they still help me a lot for making videos. I think every one of you guys have already known them but if not, please go check them out. You will see authentic awesome Japanese recipes on their channel. ?????cookingwithdog???????????????????????2011?6??YouTube????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????CWD???????????????????????????????????????????????YouTube??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????cookingwithdog????????????YouTube??????????????????????????????HIKAKIN?????????????????????????? I’m grateful to cookingwithdog from the bottom of my heart??? Ingredients for 4 – 5 croquettes – White cream sauce – : 2.5 tbsp flour

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  1. wherethebeef7 Says:

    I? love puppy!

  2. SandraBug2 Says:

    The music reminds? me of Sonic Adventures :3

  3. ashy13241 Says:


  4. cuddlynoodlekitty Says:

    i’m just? guessing. maybe he just fried the shells so he could get the crab flavor out of it…

  5. cuddlynoodlekitty Says:

    a cute, funny guy who knows his way around the kitchen.? wow! i’m now a fan 🙂

  6. amitp2 Says:

    Simply loved the? intro!!!

  7. Aleynacombi Says:

    HIKAKIN near the end ?? im ultimately suprised

  8. ReiraHitorio Says:

    well i love your channel better than cooking with dog, your recipes are easier to follow, and more fun…idk why your channel isn’t more? popular. :/

  9. kaiserdragoo Says:

    Co-king with? thedoggu?? °-°

  10. AimWen Says:

    Hmm I made Korokke pan once from the recipe of Cooking with Dog..it was delicious! But I think I will like this? more! Very good video Runnyrunny999!

  11. nenaermoza Says:

    Would you? marry me?

  12. chushui Says:

    OMG when you oiled? your hand @ 8:27

  13. NcrFax Says:

    lol “no one does, zzzzzzzz”? XD

  14. puntachart Says:

    Nice and creative video!! Make me wanna try to cook.
    Good thing you mention about the fake crab….I? totally forget about it 🙂

  15. ashy13241 Says:

    What ever happened to? the crab shells?

  16. jnm12207 Says:

    itadakimasu!? 😀

  17. szhrong Says:

    04:18 Make? sideway? cut, and chop into fine piecess. Sounded like Francis there.=3

  18. abdhadi9999 Says:

    cooking? with dog?!

  19. yzs1980 Says:

    Amazing Kitchen & easy learning? … Great Job 🙂

  20. yzs1980 Says:

    What kind of flour did? you use?

  21. GummiieBears Says:


  22. rainjay Says:

    I cooked it, and it was? a sucess!

  23. TanJianWei92 Says:

    Hi , I’m Francis , The host of this? show , Cooking with the dog ..
    I didn’t know Francis request XD


    this makes my crab cake-esque cooking look barbaric o,o I place cooked crab with egg, mayonnaise? and flour into a bowl and mix until sticky…. then i pan fry it to a crisp but i always burn it T.T (novice cook)


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