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?HD recipe? How to make curry soba ?????

Posted on 09 February 2012 by admin     

?????????????????????????????????????????????? Ingredients I used (serving 2) – Japanese dashi stock – : 500 – 600ml water (about 2 US cup) : Dried konbu kelp : 50g ~ dried bonito flakes (katsuobushi) – Curry paste (roux, block…) – : 40g flour : 20g curry powder ( about 2 tbsp) : 40g butter – for curry sauce – : Thinly sliceed onion : Sliceed carrot : 150g sliced pork – For curry seasoning – : 1.5 tbsp soy sauce : 1.5 tbsp wooster sauce (English sauc, Tonkatsu saauce : 2 tbsp ketchup Today’s customer at RUNNY’s ”Shut up” people runnyrunny999’s music theme is made by Music by Purple planet ??????? My Blog Google+ Thanks -runnyrunny999

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  1. Ayu021 Says:

    Somehow I always wonder.. what is the taste? of the water when you soaked that konbu kelp?

  2. XCMajor Says:

    Did you know that the? first ever ketchup was mushroom? Tomato ketchup was invented much later.

  3. 91jw40073 Says:

    don’t complain no more.?

  4. sarahshimmers Says:

    My favorite part? is when he eats at the end.

  5. Kaber9 Says:

    i think? im in love…. 🙂

  6. cockgodoodledoo Says:

    If you haven’t already, Can you make yaki curry?!! 😀 I saw people eat it in this one japanese eating contest and it looked soooo yyuummmmmmyyyy!! 🙂 THANKS? A LOT MAN!

  7. darkness35 Says:


  8. theuglykwan Says:

    You? can buy those curry blocks online and at places like ebay if you cannot buy it locally.

  9. Japanicati0n Says:


  10. PutriiUtii Says:

    his mouth..? textwritter..

  11. glitchfail Says:

    01:47 Mmmm, choco—- Oh,? nevermind ;_;

  12. CaRay91 Says:

    if I may ask, what kind of pot and pan are you using in the video? i love to cook and it seems that your cookware is perfect for all of the foods you have so? far prepared. my dad and i like to mix dishes from other countries so it is not uncommon to see a popular dish from one nation cooked in a different way from another nation. i wish to continue his teachings to never stay with one style so if i may have the name of your pots and pans i would be very grateful. thank you! 🙂

  13. rajbergdxz97 Says:

    Super? Saiyan!

  14. freeloaner30 Says:

    i’ve tried making my? own curry paste and it turned out bad and ruined the taste of the curry and the consistency ended up like glue. so i’ve got some curry blocks and i’m gonna try them out soon.

  15. W0706408 Says:

    so… can use any kind of curry? it doesnt have to be Japanese ? (-.-)????

  16. foreverkacey Says:

    s&b is available? in canada! 😀

  17. draineme Says:

    darn everytime i watch your videos
    i always have to pause it and get some? food

  18. KidOnTheNet Says:

    @limalicious? hahahaha. You’re too late ?_?.

  19. sonhiVhino Says:

    look so good ; _ ;
    ah damn, it’s 1:06AM and I’m so hungry…; _ ;
    Really, I’m starving…now how can I go to sleep?;? _ ;

  20. animegirl5165 Says:

    @noorieboorie It is probably better? to add them for a richer flavor. Using only the curry block might taste a bit bitter, I think.

  21. Esegismo1 Says:

    @chong9489 well for one with or without foam the taste is different. You don’t have to but for better results you remove it.. Probably cause the foam? is a bunch of air..

  22. limalicious Says:

    @KidOnTheNet You might want to keep mixing your own–every brand’s mix tastes different and? some of them SUCK.

  23. kendraxiong Says:

    hahaha, i want to marry him (:?

  24. Rinji Says:

    Is that American curry powder (contains no curry leaves), or a japanese curry powder??


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