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10 minute cooking school Sin city breakfast tacos

Posted on 21 December 2011 by admin     

I figured I would upload another 10 min cooking school by Robert Rodriguez, Another Recipe I aspire to make one day. This is taken off the DVD “SIN CITY recut and extended” This dvd is a must have especially for aspiring filmmakers.

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  1. brettshears Says:

    I’m eating breakfast tacos right now, ohh they are freaken awesome, his warning was? right, you will crave them all the time


    This? is a cool vid, but if you want to MAKE MONEY COOKING. Call 877-229-9632

  3. moviefannnnnn Says:

    those tacos look so good. he should have his? own cooking show.

  4. motivatedmayhem Says:

    awesome, check out? my trailer…

  5. Mega500BALAZOS Says:


  6. kaih8941 Says:

    @maddash24seven It really isnt that much work.? Unless you’re really lazy offcourse.

  7. louiscfc93 Says:

    @maddash24seven Just buy the tortillas if you cant be bothered making them.? No need to moan

  8. nissx240 Says:

    @rivercraig they dont call him the one man film crew for nothing…

    he makes movies from scratch, why not his dinner??

    not knowing how to? cook is like not knowing how to fuck…

  9. 0010110100 Says:

    he is soo right… not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to fuck. ive cooked most of his meals and i have my own menu at my house, everytime my gf/s eat any of my meals we? work it off in bed. lesson to all of you the way into anyone’s heart is thru their stomach and if you can cook youll get laid, the better the cooking the better the sex

  10. MsFeyCreature Says:

    Oh god why did I? watch this again. Now I want breakfast tacos and I can’t make them tonight *cries*

  11. ant95210 Says:

    I love robert but robert you’re a douche..ten minutes is what you gon? spend making the god dam tortillas! you’re better off buying tortillas and cooking the rest yourself. WE forgive you though because we know you’re texan 🙂

  12. SaulOrosJr Says:

    trouble? maker studios is his house

  13. pritishsai Says:

    I made this and it tasted okay (quite bad actually)..Making the tortillas was a bitch and I screwed up the timings..any suggestions? ?

  14. bordertown Says:

    Personally I think this is the way a cooking show should be done, with voice-over narration and all the little mundane actions edited out. It’s so much more effective than watching some person? faking being happy as they cook in front of the camera.

  15. Japsuk Says:

    I just finished? my tortillas with potato and eggs and they came out tasty!

  16. Rampoii Says:

    I like the way his voice just walks you trough the video..? no homo!! hahahaha

  17. punchmaster123 Says:

    I? knew they were good as soon as he pulled the lard out.

  18. Poisonfrogg Says:

    @maddash24seven maybe, they just taste over 5000? 000 0000 times better

  19. redneck500 Says:

    Hi do you have that calorie? info for this?

  20. joshybumboshy Says:

    LOL this? made sin city!

  21. mirandafangirl Says:

    i have the? DVD and i saw this and tried to put it on the computer and the DVD didnt allow me!!

  22. Solidus1Syndicate Says:

    Had it on my? sin city limited edition dvd for a while. made it today, added little bits of chicken and paprika, was delicious. Making perfect tortillas is a lot harder than it looks… nice recipe,.

  23. NacFilmTheory Says:

    Robert Rodriguez? has been kidnapped????!!!

  24. takimeta Says:

    @maddash24seven I did this for 5 big guys (me included) and trust me. Doing it like, once in a while, is SOOO worth it. Sure it’s a lot of effort just for breakfast tacos,? but man… these are AMAAAAZIIIIING… I added in a sharp cheddar to the egg mix after taking off the grill, and I swear… these are to die for.

  25. SpocksBeard64 Says:

    is there anything this guy doesn’t do? direction, production, orchestration,? cooking, fucking, hat-wearing… need i say more?


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