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#1081 How To Make Natural Yeast

Posted on 29 November 2011 by admin     

Sunday Kitchen #143 Natural Yeast Last year Miho showed us how she makes bread. Show 743 Recently we went back to find out how to make the natural yeast. It was actually surprisingly easy. Although we managed to kill two of the batches. Oops. Maybe we didnt give them enough love. Ramacipan blog: (In Japanese, but you can enjoy the pretty photos if you cant read Japanese) * There was a small mistake so I uploaded this again. Comment from first upload: skippyXG Amazing! English script: ????????????????? Show 1081 Sunday 5 July The Daily English Show

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  1. viewervideo011242234 Says:

    I tried this with raisins and it didnt start AT ALL! – I notice that vegatable oil was also added: would this affect it at all?

  2. Cr9713 Says:

    What is the measurement and recipe?

  3. DAILEYericCaryUSA Says:

    Real good English but that stuff…yuck.

  4. peacelovehippychick Says:

    @jazznut50 thank you. ok so what caused it not to ferment? i did everything she did except i used boxed raisins instead of japanese rasins. i may give it another try… kinda like a science experiment.

  5. jazznut50 Says:

    @peacelovehippychick Getting mold has nothing to do with boiling the jar. It’s because the mixture was not fermenting. If it ferments, there will be no mold, regardless of whether you started with boiling the jar or not.

  6. tysswe1 Says:

    can you make yast frome all citrus fruits?

  7. Verradonairun Says:

    1) Dried fruit/fresh fruit doesn’t really matter, as long as you soak it thoroughly and it contains ALOT of sugar.
    2) Multi-purpose flour may be used for the next step.
    3) Theoretically yeast can be stored indefinitely. Yeast goes into a state of dormancy once all of it’s food is gone. However yeast can die if stored at too high a temperature.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  8. mbmanbat Says:

    You thing you can make wine with this yeast

  9. Pru2100 Says:

    Hi, is she using fresh fruits? dried fruit isnt ok? Just to reconfirm, after filtered, jz add flour (any kind of flour eg. multi purpose flour)? Must use immediately or how long can we store n how to store?

  10. MrSlowskie Says:

    sorry didn’t work , youtube search ” Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto”

  11. Darkrainb0w Says:

    Do you think it would work well with raspberrys?
    Also I’ve only got tap water like dogbone222. Is bottled water spring water?

  12. dogbone222 Says:

    do i have to use spring water because i only have tap water available unless bottled water really does come from a spring

  13. 5001babyphat Says:

    Hmm The Person Who Hit Dislike, Thought It Said Dis I Like 🙂

  14. KesslersCross Says:

    Thanks you so much for your video…but your voice is putting me to sleep

  15. americanboy130 Says:

    freakin awesome!!!! thanks for the vid and one person can get a life

  16. americanboy130 Says:

    @peacelovehippychick yeah apparently if it ferments to fast u get mold, cuz mold comes from fungus and yeast is a type of fungus

  17. Somnien Says:

    Can you use raisens that have sugar in them?

  18. Vwatcher12 Says:

    Thank you this is very useful :]

  19. FightWithCudgels Says:

    @neoalphaone must be magic

  20. sillyjontag321 Says:

    when you make yeast, after you add flour to it and it rises like it did at the end of the video, do you have to use it right away or will it go bad if you don’t?

  21. sillyjontag321 Says:

    I’m gonna try this!! 🙂

  22. firedracula Says:


  23. thebacktobasics1 Says:

    This is great video

  24. fatmanplaying Says:

    @thefirstgoldengate Sadly you missed the whole point of this video.
    Several of which are:
    Having more knowledge and being able to do this for yourself.
    Also it has been said to be healthier, easy to digest and tastes better.
    As for the time issue think how much time you could save by leaving
    a few less sarcastic comments you could then make your own yeast!
    Is-int learning fun!

  25. wscottart Says:

    I’m very curious, using the different fruits (essence) to create the yeast does this affect the flavor of the breads you create?

    How careful do we need to be, I mean can this stuff make us sick?


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