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3 Pig Roast Barbecue by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 19 May 2012 by admin     

The BBQ Pit Boys 3 Pig Roast “low and slow” whole hogs and serve them with some of their favorite sides including slaw, barbeque beans, green beans and peppers, potato salad, corn bread, biscuits, cherry pie and a whole lot more!

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  1. Lillyx3100 Says:


  2. youngromo21 Says:

    do? u smell that??? it smells gooooood!

  4. CostiDt Says:

    holyshit !!!!

  5. jebzki123 Says:

    YUMMY!! here in the Philippines they call? it Lechon!

  6. kultigin24 Says:

    looks? disgusting

  7. chefgiovanni Says:

    You really need a good carving knife, cutting? board and some tongs and few stainless steel bowls. Check our site Chef Depot . c o m !

  8. CryoKatana97 Says:

    Veggie troll, why don’t you go fuck a pig since? you love animals so much?

  9. AKcuracy Says:

    ok Mr snake? fag lol nice life.

  10. vampireknightloverrr Says:

    i don’t think i could eat it? when cooked like that but i do like pork

  11. nueldamned Says:

    Fuck man! I’m? starving

  12. KizaSoze25 Says:

    That looks absolutely? delicious.

  13. fettot1337 Says:

    Are you saying ur feeding ur dog till top quality beef? I envy that dog.?

  14. BatfoxBabe Says:

    Oh my GODS I am HUNGRY for some? Smoked Pork!

  15. xtheasiansensationx Says:

    the pigs look? soo HAPPY! 😀

  16. 200200sunny Says:

    how much time it takes time to? cook them……u can get really sick if its not cooked properly

  17. jensonjorge Says:

    mmm lechon..?

  18. sausageNmash1990 Says:


  19. Korkkari Says:

    All the? 698 vegetarians doesnt like this video 😀

  20. Ninjazuki Says:

    why so many? dislikes

  21. warren888888 Says:

    Three pigs cooked in just 8:50!?

  22. MrDiscostew Says:

    Even the pig living? in the brick house wasn’t spared.

  23. masindis Says:

    Mmmmhmmmmm…… GUT!?

  24. HeartJll26 Says:

    That’s what the aliens R going? to do to us when they come!!

  25. dkio50 Says:

    These? pigs are moving…and blinking their eyes…
    the 11th botle of beer..what they put inside?
    Well this pork is fiiine with beer!!!!!

  26. oOOpIIIqOOo Says:

    dude.. thats exactly what i was? saying… i said its great in our western world… but if youre a towelhead and live in the fucking desert it sucks balls.. i love me some bacon!