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abc shooter

Posted on 26 December 2010 by admin     


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  1. thegirl44 Says:

    When did they stop calling this a B-52.
    Or is this a poor man’s B-52 without the Grand Marnier?

  2. taseprodea Says:


  3. foeater Says:


  4. b3nl3y Says:

    try absinthe(a) bacardi151(b) and chartreuse.(c)
    now that’s the abc we’re talking about….

  5. Lypze Says:

    Nevermind, i found out 🙂
    Disarono(Amareto), Bailey, Conac! 😛
    It works, awsome!

  6. Lypze Says:

    At fist you use Disarono, then what? And atlast conac?


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