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Andhra Recipes – Alu Ki Tehri – Potato Rice

Posted on 20 August 2012 by admin     

Exhaustive text in English together with additional Tips are available on

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  1. kalalagisetty Says:

    gayathri garu,thanks for ur recipe,it came very nicely.?

  2. Ali Bahri Says:

    I am Iranian, but I love this food and recipes,? Thanks

  3. 0oAfshanao0 Says:

    Oh.. I was a little surprised, I was? expecting hindi. But very nice recipe anyway. The subtitles helped a lot.

  4. reddy0071000 Says:

    We tried this dish..? Its so tasty.. wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………super…..bumber….abboooooooooooooo

  5. irfand4 Says:

    My compliments on the very? lucid explanation and demo. TY

  6. zaramuniba Says:

    hi great recipie want to try but is there a substitute for biryani flower? many? thanks

  7. arunendar Says:

    Looking? at the video seems it taste Good. Please let me know what is Biryani Flower? The Image shown in your video is different from what the shop people give. They the Chakaram shape spice , if Biryani flower is asked. . Waiting for the Biriyani Flower, once found what to try this Recipe.

  8. MakeUrOwnLife Says:

    Thanks for the tasty recipe by explaining it in easy? way…

  9. 1sr0 Says:

    People of Kerala do speak Malayalam. But Gayatri garu is from? Andhra Pradesh and she is speaking Telugu in the videos not Malayalam… in other words she has nothing to do with Kerala or Malayalam 🙂 and most of her recipes/dishes are from Andhra (the recipes I make at home since I am from Andhra too).

  10. trappedinamadworld Says:

    interesting cause my friend’s mom is from Kerala and? I thought that Kerala ppl speak Malayalam..

  11. 1sr0 Says:

    Are you talking about Gayatri garu? She is from? Andhra and she is speaking in telugu. She is not a Malayali.

  12. trappedinamadworld Says:

    btw? u are my ultimate favorite Malayalam cook here YouTube, the second best is keralatourism ..

  13. trappedinamadworld Says:

    Yumm looks tempting :)…is there a substitute for the biryani flower?? thanks Gayatri


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