Andhra Recipes – Pandumirapakayala Karam – South Indian Red Chilli Pickle

Posted on 22 May 2012 by admin     

Exhaustive recipe text in English together with additional Tips are available on

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    You gonna have? the runs fer dayz!!!!

  3. dupagunta Says:

    dear madam very fine receipe. thanks.why dont you release a cd for? all your a to z recepies.thats help us our younger generation

  4. karabasaraba Says:

    yee ? kaaram batte laiksu,dislaiksu untaayi

  5. ThePenNinja81 Says:

    I? would love to try this.

  6. fatpat38 Says:

    Can’t tell if shes telling us instructions,? or just trolling…

  7. Mermaalicious Says:


  8. Mermaalicious Says:


  9. Baldoxxx4000 Says:

    Looks? like food meant to feed poor people….

  10. matsonpp Says:

    I felt compelled to watch the? entire thing.

  11. jaqjaques Says:

    looks damn good.?

  12. iPhTx3 Says:

    Seems like a ton of work for something I probably wouldn’t like or even have the courage? to eat… I’m sure for some people it’s delicious and completely worth it.

  13. sheleg3s3 Says:

    It takes me? longer to say the word “pandumirapakayala” than to eat the meal itself -.-

  14. m1me1111 Says:

    foodwishes? thy is better

  15. Compton2952 Says:

    cause you an other 89 ignorant children like to get thumbs? up on a dumb ass com.

  16. landofthefreemyass Says:

    That voice is hard to handle. Sounds electronic.?

  17. babestumana1 Says:

    Wow..//What a very hot? meal..//

  18. JERSEYDEVIL9 Says:

    You gonna need extra toilet? tissue and air freshener

  19. 1sr0 Says:

    yeah if you have more than a teaspoon of it. Hopefully people are not that stupid to have more than that. Just like tobasco sauce…. you wouldn’t have more than a few drops, right? The big difference is in India people make these condiments from scratch at home and we don’t see home made recipes of hot sauces like tobasco sauce or even for something? like ketchup in the US.

  20. 1sr0 Says:

    The accent vastly differs based on where you come from in India. I don’t speak like her at all. Besides it is really funny when Americans come and make fun of Indian accent.. for example someone made fun of an Indian saying the word “third”. They didn’t realize that the number system came from India, many words we think are English “duo” (or two), “tri/three”, “medium” etc came? from India and maybe we are supposed to say the way they do not the other way around.

  21. beke1997 Says:

    que rico me? encanta ….!!!!

  22. viksam009 Says:

    I want to find out more about this web picary. A new curry I assume.?

  23. someguyhunter Says:

    explosive diarrhea engage!?

  24. Nhordmyr Says:

    you’re? just afraid of change, nothing else my friend 🙂 admit it

  25. Nhordmyr Says:

    looks? tasty! 🙂


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