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Aunt Myrna’s Cole Slaw

Posted on 21 July 2012 by admin     

Time to do more of Aunt Myrna’s Recipes. Here is the playlist: Here is the Cole Slaw recipe: ingredients: Shredded cabbage chopped onions chopped bell pepper 1/4 cup sugar dressing ingredients: 1/2 cup oil 1/2 vinegar 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon celery seed Direction: toss cabbage, onions, bell pepper and sugar together in a bowl. boil oil, vinegar, salt and celery seed for 5 minutes then drizzle on top of cabbage mix. toss cole slaw and refrigerate for 24 hours.

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24 Comments For This Post

  1. bbqdave916 Says:

    hey jack,like your show,BUT YOU MUST IMPROVE YOUR KNIFE SKILLS,lolactually a show on cutlery skills would be cool ,diff.types of knives and your buddy the

  2. Divine Divinity Says:

    That? looks bad

  3. peacefulblonde39 Says:

    Looks YUMMY! Thanks for sharing! I will be making for my? 12 year old vegan son! 😉

  4. TheFistOfFate Says:

    because hes not a professional,? hes just a regular guy

  5. dexxl Says:

    can’t trust a cook that can’t use a knife? properly..

  6. MrAnimelover91 Says:

    KFC coldslaw is better, not to be mean but its? true.

  7. finerday Says:

    the vinegar was not added to the? written recipe!!!

  8. heynewgirl Says:

    how does this compare to KFC Cole slaw? Not because? KFC is the best but I am sure you have eaten it also

  9. franzb69 Says:

    dude, that’s a shun classic santoku right? 100$ knife right? there. vg10 blade, damascus cladding 32 layers.

  10. ARVIAON Says:

    Lettuce or cabbage? Try making coleslaw with lettuce,? tastes much better. Also add in carrots if its possible, adds a lil sweetness to the dish. Cheeeers!

  11. Wuddymaters13 Says:

    I read the complaining about if this is cole slaw or not. Cole Slaw simply means cabbage salad. Yes we generally assume it means one specific type of food item. In the United States at least, cole slaw can be shredded cabbage with shredded carrot with the white dressing. That’s what’s served in most chain restaurants. But, mostly in the southern United States, often a vinegar and oil type sweet and? sour dressing is used. It’s a regional difference & is by no means an error.

  12. 0KittyGoesRawr0 Says:

    Try adding just a bit of horseradish to this recipe. It’s something my great-grandma? has always done, and she ALWAYS takes home an empty bowl.

  13. 49divan Says:

    white cabbage?


    this is called tossing salad slaw.?


    thanks for this one jack.doesnt have to? be covered in mayonnaise to be slaw y’all

  16. boltzz91 Says:

    is that a dish washer and dryer behind him?!?!? LOL! this guys is awsome!, cooks great food GJ

  17. finerday Says:

    This is the most delicious and filling thing EVER!! I will? make it forever!!!
    Cant wait to serve it with pulled pork sandwiches when it get hot out…..

  18. doggonegirl12345 Says:

    what kind of cabbage

  19. XFierceWarriorX Says:

    lol, well check on that in 24 hours.
    and well check on that in 24 hours.? silly jack you repeated yourself.

  20. Death8498 Says:

    Wow Jack. I was surprised by how excited you were about this coleslaw. I mean, coleslaw, how can it really be that amazing, but I tried it and I must say I? am blown away by it! I cut this recipe in half just in case I didn’t like it, but holy crap. It is absolutely fantastic!

  21. danielc365 Says:

    Why not use a? cheese or mayo dressing

  22. da3daluz Says:

    In sweden we’d call? that pizzasalad, it’s served in pretty much every pizzeria around here.

  23. jhiller21 Says:

    I prefer it made with finely shredded cabbage, grated carrot, and mayo. Also use apple cider vinegar instead of? white. Oh, and don’t forget lots of fresh pepper.

    Spot on with the sugar and celery seed I guess.

  24. russwelday Says:

    You are seriously delusional on the subject of cole slaw but help is close by. Go to the Original Pantry in downtown LA at 9th & Figueroa take a seat at the counter and the first? thing they will do is put in front of you the best cole slaw in the world. And thick cut sourdough bread and pats of butter. Then they will take your order. Seriously dude, you need to go there.


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