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Bacardi Mojito

Posted on 30 December 2010 by admin     

Commercial for Bacardi Mojito

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  1. AssBagarai Says:

    que mina torta

  2. Logoned Says:

    @PhilipposAEK Not at all, you’re thinking Cosmopolitans, Mojito is not a gay drink at all

  3. Logoned Says:

    @Czar1984 LOL, there are no Cuban companies, just the government

  4. Logoned Says:

    @Boredom9191 I don’t like rum, I’m a whiskey drinker, but mojitos made right are very smooth, it’s a great drink. It can also be made with Vodka, go figure.

  5. mafiamitzy Says:

    @Boredom9191 Its a nice drink, not very special though (in my opinion). Very mint-flavoured.

  6. Boredom9191 Says:

    Is the Barcardi mojito nice? I’ve never had one and ever since I saw the new advert about a week or two ago, I’ve been craving one! :/

  7. Czar1984 Says:

    @warriorwolf77 if some company tries to force you to take their disgusting alcohol for making THE greatest cocktail of all time (my opinion.) they probably have to show us a hot girl! Who would care about an ugly barkeeper mixing a mojito with bacardi rum 😉 Anyway… The cuban company with the red logo should take her under contract!!!

  8. warriorwolf77 Says:

    daym that girl is hot

  9. PhilipposAEK Says:

    GAY drink

  10. Alakzander Says:

    i could make better video than that

  11. RebeccaLessay Says:

    no dance? o_O

  12. BeatNIXification Says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHGHA HAHAH A classic !!! that was some funny stuff man.
    I guess thats one way of avoiding the shake or stir, muddle mint or not arguements!

  13. bennyelba Says:

    La modelo se embarró toda preparando el mojito JIJIJIJI

  14. willdclarke33 Says:

    The mojito is cuban, Bacardi rum is not. and hasn’t been for 45 years. try the mojito with real cuban rum, such as Havana Club etc. you’ll taste the difference:)

  15. CindyJolie Says:

    they have the best commercials

  16. DeleteThisMF Says:

    What an amazing woman. I’d drink that gay drink off her any day of the week. Sorry it’s been awhile.

  17. ericshoeproductions Says:

    this is one dumb piece of corporate shit

  18. Apenkind99 Says:

    Thank you!! 🙂

  19. officehomeandstudent Says:

    the name of the song is ”under the sun” by kidda

  20. officehomeandstudent Says:

    the name of the song is ”under the sun” by kidda

  21. Apenkind99 Says:

    I’m also looking for that video!! I can’t find it.. Weird.

  22. gdw1234 Says:

    wat is the new bacardi ad cos iv been looking for it the music is great in it. its bacardi mojito and no its not the one where everyone is dancing its the one wehre its like frm inside the drink and the drink is like dancing sounds weird but u would understtand if u saw it please help!

  23. gildo985 Says:

    mojito matrix

  24. hotarubiii Says:

    i love it! mojito is my favourite drink! delicious x)))))

  25. gkoon123 Says:

    That´s Cool


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