Bacon Ranch Chicken Skewers – Tailgate Special! Grilled Bacon Chicken Skewers

Posted on 24 May 2012 by admin     

Learn how to make a Bacon Ranch Chicken Skewers Recipe! – Visit for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 600 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Tailgate Special!

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  1. rtj182 Says:

    chef, can you make? some chinese food, i think you never tried one before?

  2. mihalachedoru Says:

    my God what a? fucking loser! =))

  3. jenn071000 Says:


  4. kikiV222 Says:

    Can u use hot sauce or tobacco sauce on the chicken? with the ranch?

  5. TheSapphireSunset Says:

    I saw the word bacon so i clicked on? this

  6. TheDarknessOfVoid Says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Your mom sucked my? cock
    no-one loves you

  7. davidkulmiant Says:


  8. boogieafterhours Says:

    I love how he pronounces? skewer as if it were a single syllable.

  9. laceypennies Says:

    Mkay, I used light ranch dressing to just coat the chicken, added a bell pepper for veg, and used pre-cooked bacon… grilled inside on a George Foreman on? all four sides for about 20 minutes total… served with a glass of Appletini Crystal Light… Soo, good.

  10. Iceechibi Says:

    Will turkey bacon work?? :3

  11. heliarche Says:

    Marinated the chicken in Ranch and Sriracha? Chili Garlic sauce for two hours.Cooked over a mellow fire on the grill.Bacon didn’t quite get crispy, but damn was that good.Thanks.

  12. tailsawsome17 Says:

    you sir? are win

  13. Mizcolombiana89 Says:


  14. outbacktraveler Says:

    damn baby reena? will you marry me?

  15. mikoscience Says:


  16. DanniLynn3 Says:

    whats a skur??

  17. vanyen8 Says:

    Do you wanna be my? dad? Please?

  18. Chiliplease Says:

    Posting a comment
    down over here
    cause I don’t know why
    he pronounces it? skeyr.

  19. tambarene Says:


  20. lchastings Says:

    This? looks so crazy yummy! I will try it asap!

  21. sweetchunks22 Says:

    I’m? gonna make this. THANKS!!

  22. Bemis808 Says:

    I? could smell the smoky onions through my computer Smell-o-vision. 🙂

  23. clarejarboe Says:

    can we get the recipe for that? SALAD?? mmm looks good

  24. iMsBear Says:

    That awkward moment when all your friends come with this? dish 😀