Banana Cream Pie – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 128

Posted on 22 June 2011 by admin     

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  1. sweetpotatoe Says:

    This is one of the best desserts I’ve ever tried!!!!

  2. sparklingice29 Says:

    I made this one today and WOW!… My hubby and I love it so much that we consumed more than half of the pie in less than 15mins! thanks for sharing this recipe Laura!

  3. sweetpotatoe Says:

    Is there a substitute for the corn syrup??

  4. PaLiLoVe20 Says:

    hey laura love ur videos… i was woundering can i use honey instead of the light corn Syrup if not what can i Substitute it with.. Thanx alottttt

  5. HollandAmericalover Says:

    LOLL great video, and you almost said crap.

  6. skabibble Says:


  7. TheCatholicFaithfu Says:

    Eeks! That pan has scratches on the inside of the non-stick! Isn’t that dangerous if it’s teflon? It degrades further in the food and the particles are highly carcinogenic.

  8. crystalfox26 Says:

    @glorsproject so good! i made home made whipped topping and folded it into vanilla pudding instead of topping it with it at the end. I have a family of four. I made it last night and its GONE.

  9. Vennuch83 Says:

    i really can believe the im a banana cream piecoholic. I just made it and i eat half of the pie without notice, tHAt can be good… lol

  10. macuser5555 Says:

    Laura should have her own show on the food network, she’s so professional. I can’t even talk and cook at the same time. 🙂

  11. glorsproject Says:

    @crystalfox26 How did it turn out?

  12. glorsproject Says:

    @laCathiee I totally agree. It’s hilarious

  13. glorsproject Says:

    Did anyone notice that she did this video and the pesto scallop video in the same day. Nail polish and clothing.

  14. sweetpotatoe Says:

    Lol. ”How am I cover this up now?!” *eat some more*

  15. Sherelyna2012 Says:

    Hey Laura! Love all your baking and cooking videoss!! :DD hmm, can you make a video on how to make a mudpie or mud cake? If you do.. it would mean the WORLD!! :DDD <3

  16. theaegymaknae Says:

    omgawd! looks good! MUST MAKE THIS!

  17. wildcharm911 Says:

    nice eye color

  18. WlikeMe1 Says:

    italy salad recipe!!

  19. iphone13G Says:

    I tried to make only the caramel sauce and it tastes exactly the same as starbucks sauce.

  20. vgfigue Says:

    Laura… please please please make COCONUT SHRIMP.. please =) Thanks, From Regina in New Mexico

  21. nimarocks1 Says:

    Make more baking videos than savory!

  22. claudia032590 Says:

    omg yummy bannana cream pie my fav <3<3<3
    thumbs up!!!!

  23. crystalfox26 Says:

    omg this looks so good. went and grabbed the ingredients for it today wish me luck!

  24. XxToxicCraziixX Says:

    So, I want to make this.
    But, it would be alright to use vanilla pudding instead of the pastry cream ?
    How much of the pudding should i use ? Thanks 🙂

  25. viniciusb Says:

    Banana cream pie? Come on, you’re asking for it!


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