Bangers & Mash Potato How to Make recipe Sausages with perfect mashed Gravy Sausage food dinner cook

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  1. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    Nice one!
    OriginalNakedChef 🙂

  2. kalni100 Says:

    just brown them you dont want to cook them to death….hahaha that was funny

  3. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    I wil try that sometime. As you say apples and pork are made for each other.
    Appreciate the comments and your tip with the cider 🙂

  4. Burguois Says:

    Onion gravy always goes nice with bangers and mash, but a little tip that was taught to me:

    If you get a strong, dry cider and deglaze the pan you fried the sausages in with it and a tiny bit of cider vinegar then leave the “sauce” reduce for a while it turns into a really lovely concoction to pour over your sausages and mash. Apples and pork are made for each other, and this sauce really adds an amazing flavour.

  5. reflex1reflex1 Says:

    I did chuckle along to this video!

  6. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    When I get time I will make some gravy vids, hopefully before you come to England.
    To make basic gravy you need to make a roux. The make a roux you use plain flour and either butter or fat from the meat. Once mixed together and cooked for a few minutes in a pan, the roux starts to go slightly brown. Then you slowly add some stock until its blended together. Also add the juices from the meat. Add some seasoning and you should end up with gravy.

  7. Quillons1 Says:

    @OriginalNakedChef And people say there’s no good food that comes out of England. They don’t even know! Nicely done. Question though. How do yo umake the gravy? I’m scouring YouTube for this recipe just for the gravy and can’t seem to find a good one. Maybe I’ll have ot wait until I visit my buddy in London in February to find out! Thanks again!

  8. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!

  9. CaptainCorpulence Says:

    Looks delicious … will definitely be trying this. Thanks for the video!

  10. Njc0las Says:

    @LiamOT33 Boy nothing gets by you hey?

  11. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    You are quite right.
    I did make a comment some months ago when someone asked about it. See copy of previous reply.. Anyway as I said to the previous viewer, that was well spotted and I am glad you liked the vid :))

    “That was well spotted!?
    I made the chopping sound for sound effects.”

  12. LiamOT33 Says:

    That Onion chopping was so fake. Lol 2:22. Nice video though.

  13. decisivepush Says:

    I always get stuck for dish ideas over the holiday period. I use cookingdinnerfortwo (.) com to liven up my range.

  14. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    Can’t go wrong with bangers and mash!

  15. karanmartina Says:

    bangers n mash in london was absolutley delicous,its simple but the english do it perfect

  16. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    I have gravy on my list of videos to do.
    Thanks for watching me vids and all the comms.
    Much appreciated OriginalNakedChef

  17. moila04 Says:

    @OriginalNakedChef Oh im not vegetarian I just eat veggie sausages because they taste very nice & Im just trying to be healthy I guess lol. I did eat eat my meal for lunch, It was a bit different from yours because I just used instant gravy lol and mixed with water, it was yummy though but I will try making thr gravy how you did it, more fresher that way. 😀

  18. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    As your using veggie sausages, I assume you are vegetarian. Would butter be ok into make your gravy or not?

  19. moila04 Says:

    Yum! I am making one with Linda Mcartney’s veggie sausages and chose white potatoe. The gravy is the hard part, making nice gravy :(.

  20. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    Ref poking the sausages. Thats your choice. Some people like to poke the sausages so the fat is released. Others prefer not to. If you prefer the healthy approach then poke them 🙂
    Thanks for the comms on the vid, much appreciated!

  21. MagicGem12 Says:

    We love this video and you are the orignalnakedchef …. so why aren’t you naked? Just curious and do you have to poke the sausages before you cook them? x

  22. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    I normally would make a gravy from the fat, make a roux and add pan juices and stock. I have been asked to make a gravy vid a couple of times. So I had better get on a make it 🙂

  23. kumquatsta Says:

    looks good, how did you make the gravy? sausage drippings?

  24. OriginalNakedChef Says:

    Love your comment!
    OriginalNakedChef 🙂

  25. charlieanneharley Says:

    love your accent


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