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Barbecue Chicken – Easy Barbecue Chicken Recipe

Posted on 26 December 2010 by admin     

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  1. TheMARGOJUNE Says:

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  2. theson22788 Says:

    @JettWorship65 you sir are so right

  3. tubebitch12 Says:

    Cooking the chicken this way, makes so much sense, Chef John, that is why you are the”MAN”! I am going too make some Thai barbecue chicken this way and serve it with a cucumber salad, made like papaya salad,and some sticky rice. Thanks Chef, for another great recipe!

  4. Mrmagiccity27 Says:

    But won’t not flipping it the second time make that side burn?

  5. sk8boarder125 Says:

    @JettWorship65 i agree i cant stop watching

  6. ToxiicGamer Says:

    thumbs up if your mouth waters watching this guy cook!

  7. TheQaz95 Says:

    no bones !?

  8. chakracannon97 Says:

    Whatever way my mom cooks chicken- BBQ, fried, boiled, or deep fried, it’s only one thing- pukepukepuke

  9. blablaba111 Says:

    Its better than porn!

  10. 00Shahad00 Says:

    @JettWorship65 lol never thought id see the words god and porn in the same sentence 😛

  11. JoyeuseXI Says:

    @gigiwoe Well yeah, but he was cooking it for the vast majority of the time on the other side, so I don’t think there’s too big of a worry as far as the juices escaping out of the slashes.

  12. gigiwoe Says:

    @JoyeuseXI yah but you can still dry up a marinated piece of meat…….& its the natural juice that you dnt want to escape……if you can master that no need to marinate your chicken for tenderness,just for flavor if one would like!!

  13. JoyeuseXI Says:

    @gigiwoe Doesn’t the the barbecue sauce and marination take care of that? >.>

  14. gigiwoe Says:

    ???won’t slashing the chicken allow the juice to escape while cooking????

  15. cooldude3001 Says:

    that is perfectly cooked chicken, fucking amazing, perfect crisp on top.

  16. ad2b06 Says:

    press F5 to skip comercials

  17. lozano415 Says:

    makin some tonigght

  18. JettWorship65 Says:

    Dear God it’s like porn!

  19. pcmr57 Says:

    I tried this and it was excellent!

    Someone made a comment that a 35 minute cooking time was too long. Actually it’s just perfect. Don’t put the heat too high and remember that you are not turning the chicken over so it will take a little longer that way.

    Also it takes longer for a thicker piece of meat and especially if you are cooking chicken breasts bone – in.

  20. swtsl3 Says:

    Ooo I’m gonna try this!!! Thanks a bunch!

  21. lauraroo Says:

    hahaha “See the wings? Thats my snack” love it!

  22. kim24may Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks good!!

  23. Thetruthishere11 Says:

    good video

  24. Thetruthishere11 Says:

    @ttk1opc thermos grill 2:24.

    looks plasticky.

  25. ttk1opc Says:

    @Thetruthishere11 It’s a weber, it’s actually a really good grill. Ugly? Maybe.


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