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Barbecue Chicken Legs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 16 November 2011 by admin     

These grilled Chicken Legs, hot or sweet, are the way we like to eat ’em. With these few BBQ Pit Boys tips, you can quickly and easily serve them up moist and tender every time.

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  1. nonstop85716 Says:


  2. nonstop85716 Says:


  3. BayAreaHiker Says:

    That looks GOOOOOD! Cheers.

  4. 1decagon Says:


  5. Cr3ater Says:

    Why didnt you just dip the legs in the sauce, do you have to brush?

  6. oasisbeyond Says:

    20 minutes max for me.

  7. SqruirtelTRS Says:

    @Darkstarfoxx hahahaha

  8. ZaBakUnoMoJi Says:


  9. lynelpimp Says:

    i bet that shit was raw in the middle!!!!!

  10. thew1seone Says:

    @Darkstarfoxx ..2 of them must of start’d meat.. haha…

  11. RSIKEA Says:

    Tasteorgasm <3

  12. crookhouse Says:

    you sound like Clint Eastwood

  13. manonmoon12 Says:

    @Darkstarfoxx but there’s 12 dislikes?

  14. cozycushins Says:

    holy eff…. it takes that long to grill chicken legs? 🙁

  15. MrBootiusmaximus Says:

    about how many briquettes or filled chimneys do you use, i have the exact same BBQ and the fire goes way above 400, even when i close the bottom or top vents

  16. Boyka63285 Says:

    nothing like Weber grill

  17. nesslovesnick0324 Says:

    DAMN! Can’t wait to try these!!! mmmmmmMMMMMMM!!!

  18. Meshikamadness Says:

    gotta love the pit boiseee theyve helped me out so much

  19. jdavis8486 Says:

    awesome man!!!!! you do that well, me like chicken!

  20. 893165009 Says:

    Dat looks so GUH

  21. frazerstockton Says:

    @JACKTOWNNIG It smells GOOD.

  22. craiger901 Says:

    I had to pack my mouth with gauze from all the extra saliva

  23. WVUrockerBoy Says:

    yall have your own restaraunt?

  24. timsim74 Says:

    man. do you smell dat? smells guhh.

  25. Ikerpasillas11 Says:

    damn give us a bit 🙂


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