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Bartending Tips – How to mix a Sex On The Beach drink

Posted on 31 December 2010 by admin     

Bartending Tips: A bartender shows you how to mix a Sex On The Beach drink. Credits:

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  1. wegavini2006 Says:

    nooo baby is not like that …. probably your bar teacher was an Arabian one who was a very tight person who doesn’t like at all to have spends … too much juices and no spirits enough …. it’s not a good strategy to make people drink mooore to get drunk !!!ahuah

  2. sheenza911 Says:

    wheres the sex
    not enough alcohol
    don’t garnish with a cherry and two straws
    hope youve found another day job cos you suck at making cocktails

  3. motormouthcanstop Says:

    @Michele83 HAHA and shes fat an ugly to boot

  4. motormouthcanstop Says:

    @therealrh who would pay for a garbage drink like this if the guest knew it was being made by her…. NOBODY

  5. motormouthcanstop Says:

    @therealrh so right this drink she made is garbage,,,, who would pay for that if they knew she was making it this way… that drinks worth a quarter

  6. motormouthcanstop Says:

    that is not how you make a sex on the beach!!!!!!!! your procedure is terrible its not a build its an ice workin mixer dumbass,,, which means you either shake the drink or flash blend it,,,, you dont build it, an if your gonna make people ignorant on this drink you should at least show them the different variations of a sex on the beach,, like the incorporation of chambord or midori,,, but mostly bad bartenders bulid everything cause its the easiest way to make a drink,,, put a tin on it

  7. NinjaGhostScorpion Says:

    It’s a drink?!

  8. greenbay357 Says:

    Id like to have sex on the beach with you

  9. Nyolan Says:

    First time this series looked like a great fun for late nights but I’m over the 15th part, and I can’t bear them anymore. It’s a deadly poison for my nervous system. This shit Should to be banned insted of those great music videos…

  10. 33fgfhjjggy6y Says:

    i would have sex with her on a beach HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. MikeG82 Says:

    shouldn’t it get a lime garnish instead of a cherry?

  12. B757ak Says:

    You’re totally right!! Really bad Drink and Presentation !!

  13. Tozzie2daBONZ Says:

    terrible presentation. Terrible bartender.

  14. XT3000 Says:


  15. XT3000 Says:

    ya and the video way to dark, hard to see anything of the drink

  16. joakimerbest123 Says:

    No ice, no shaking.. lame

  17. silvapride Says:

    if your gonna have sex on the beach you always want the other person to be


    Vodka PeachShnapps OJ Cranberrry juice, gay i know, but helps me remember stuff like this haha

  18. aussiedave87 Says:

    I’m suprised the ice doesn’t come with wires

  19. XxmirjanaxX Says:

    MUAH!!! MSG me on MSN. ID is in my profile. m

  20. applesaucebi Says:

    am i the only one to notice that these mojo teaching shows always use noobs to teach?

  21. carla31brown Says:

    she did not shake it oh hell it was just a mess

  22. veganchicky Says:

    Most restaurants I have worked in told us to use the vodka, peach schnapps, oj and cran recipe. These days if you want it the “original” way, you have to request it. I bartended at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. Our standard SOTB recipe was this one, however in Fusia restaurant, which was also in the Luxor, we had to make it the original “expensive” way. In my bartending book from the bartender’s union school, there are four different recipes in it, all with the exact same name.

  23. diiverse4 Says:

    1 oz vodka
    1/2 oz peach scnapps
    orange juice
    cranberry juice

  24. HUSTLER818R Says:

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  25. TheHerm18 Says:

    Never trust bartenders who have to be baby-sat with that damned electronic nipple. Thanks for teaching us how to make a red Woo-Hoo. Seriously…. How the hell do you fuck up a SOTB? It’s got four basic ingredients!


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