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BBQ Pit Boys Barbecue Dry Rub For Ribs Recipe

Posted on 15 January 2012 by admin     

This classic BBQ Dry Rub recipe for Barbecue Ribs is quick and simple to make. Use this BBQ Pit Boys recipe, and then adjust the spices and quantities to make it your own special BBQ Rib Rub! That’s what Barbecue and good eating is all about. You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at —

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  1. saintwarrior76 Says:

    i am a North? Indian.. and this is normal :p i love it ..everyone loved it.. althought they did say.. lets add some coriander .. … can i borrow one of ur guns please ? like all of them..

  2. brazzy4 Says:

    I used this rub today for spare ribs – perfect for the man of the house – wife says a bit too much heat…..going to bring? it down on the pepper’s.

  3. MoreGrievances Says:

    @Synic1000, it is? known what sentient creatures feels. ALL SENTIENT CREATURES (humans included) having a BRAIN and NERVOUS SYSTEM suffer equally. This includes birds, lizards, bats, chickens, horses etc. Just plants, insects and bacteria excluded.

  4. Synic1000 Says:


    Suffer equally? that’s bull hahahaha…
    It depends on the pain receptors and how pain is processed by the nervous system…….s o no……not even all mammals suffer equally, if you wanna be all scientific.?

  5. vvbn7890 Says:

    @strakallah? lol well said

  6. joseyetran Says:

    I love meat , I am going to quit? being vegan because of this.

  7. strakallah Says:

    I love animals because they taste so? GUD!

  8. sanahra Says:

    Is it ok if I use smoked? paprika?

  9. JPM32007 Says:

    go easy on? the salt folks

  10. saiyansnake Says:

    Lol someone was? chainsawing something in the background.

  11. AC1ERskates Says:

    @moregrievances have u? forgotten the the world once consisted of carnavors dinosaurs that gladly ate meat in order to survive……. So y dont u create a time machine an go and preach to them….. Im willing to bet you will get eaten……;)

  12. WackyZacky1000 Says:

    @MoreGrievances That fear pain and terror taste absolutely delicious by the way.? In then I shit it out in the shape of little baby chicks.

  13. MoreGrievances Says:

    @pevanbrook Point is all animals, including the human animal, suffer equally. Comes with being sentient (brain and nervous system). Eat all? the meat you want but know with every bite you absorb the animals fear, pain and terror. Bravo.

  14. pevanbrook Says:

    @MoreGrievances Wow you must be a really bitter person…and you actually think that animals and humans are on the same plain? Would you eat the dropping from another person or roll around in your own sh##. OH MY what a weird person you are. Animals should not be tortured but they are here to eat. And the are GOOOD. May I suggest that you don’t visit my favorite youtube channel and I won’t visit the vegan quarterly channel. ? Fair enough?

  15. MoreGrievances Says:

    @BarbecueWeb Except unlike? a wheat field animals are sentient creatures capable of suffering as equelly as you. Wish it was you tortured from birth then murdered, gutted, sliced and barbecued. May you get what you defend. Would love to watch you and everyone you care about suffer HARD.

  16. 77462377 Says:

    Those cow sounds in? the back round had me laughing….

  17. jactaslodex Says:

    Your favorite BBW dating site online now ?

  18. MegaDeathwarrant Says:

    @BarbecueWeb Is it safe to mix this all up and just store it in a container and use it? when ever or do you have to mix it all up right before you put the rub on the meat?

  19. cmondine Says:

    You know the meats? fresh

  20. OrogDeMalfur Says:

    @BarbecueWeb You’re? bringin’ a tear to my eye…

  21. berner Says:

    @BarbecueWeb Keep the flavour cumin!

    Love your vids and glad you’re doing what you’re doing. keep up the? great work and thanks a lot!

  22. roosterinboro Says:

    Cows, roosters, gunshots, Weber kettle? grill… How can you NOT love this?

  23. kplyushko Says:

    thats an awesome background makes? you feel like your on a farm….. your so luckyyy


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