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Beer Steamed Cheeseburgers by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 07 April 2012 by admin     

The Steamed Cheeseburger is real popular in some parts of the country, but when done on the grill it becomes legendary, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys

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  1. qfour20 Says:

    when i saw the title, i just had to? click it

  2. MrNeiltron Says:

    after trying this recipe, i have never switched to any other method? of bbq burgers.

  3. MrNeiltron Says:

    after? trying this recipe, i have never switched to any other method of bbq burgers.

  4. tommygunn0001 Says:

    Perfect a+++?

  5. BroncoBeast13 Says:

    Man you guys are the best!!?

  6. mackunderwood101 Says:

    thanks to this guy, i have learn how to? cook like a pit master.

  7. JimmyTheNewBlack Says:

    DUDE u really need ur own TV show!!!! Just found ur vids today and I am learning alot, and I am pretty good?

  8. 123slashhead123 Says:

    Guys you are awesome.. and i know you’re very busy guys.. but please write back to me on this and tell me where to get? one of your T-Shirts?! 😀 <3 EVERYONE THUMBS UP ON THIS TO MAKE IT MORE VISIBLE !!

  9. jerryhmooblis Says:

    i can’t? smell it, but i wish i could!

  10. sugerbear520 Says:

    looks good?

  11. redskinwreckin Says:

    hahaha, ok you had me scared there? for a min.

  12. lurchthing Says:

    busch beer is only good 4 cooking not 4 drinking…lol?

  13. lomednamelomo Says:

    i know ha jajaja?

  14. lomednamelomo Says:

    this time you cut the flow on am apologise and? eat this righ in mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm thats goo jaja

  15. Drew1734 Says:


  16. 611Cowboy Says:

    That’s awesome but serious busch! Let me guess you like? your women like you like your beer…light on the busch! Haha. Atleast use PBR. Okay serious question! What if you were cookin more then a burger or two. Could you put a pan in the bottom and pour the beer in it?

  17. ZaBakUnoMoJi Says:

    just finish my big? meal, watch the video,
    yelling MOM!! I CAN GO FOR MOREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  18. SRNF Says:

    love the background? music lol

  19. redskinwreckin Says:

    whas this foo using busch???? LMFAO!!!! redneck fuck!

  20. SgtCroydon Says:

    Man! You smell that?? It smells gooood!

  21. jcmark42 Says:

    Does grinding your own meat that much? better than the store made patties?

  22. NJBCRichMan Says:

    It doesn’t sound low on mine. Volume is just fine. You need to add some speakers or? surround. If not you can use headphones “earbuds”. Mine are from the dollar tree store and it sounds loud.

  23. chagster420 Says:

    What happend to the idiot in the background flipping? us off at the end of the video?

  24. alderaforall Says:

    genius genious?

  25. pronumeral1446 Says:


    “Man! Can you? SMELL that? That smells GOOD!”


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