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Behind the Recipe – Homemade Spanakopita

Posted on 24 November 2011 by admin     

Meet Jeanette, and learn the story of her family recipe for spanakopita. In this video, you’ll see the inspiring story of how food and tradition can bring a family together. As you watch the story, you’ll also discover how to make Jeanette’s family recipe for traditional spanakopita, the delicious Greek spinach and feta pastry.

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  1. Lilliancooks Says:

    I just LOVE…LOVE…LOVE the ‘Behind the Recipe’ series! I not only get to see someone making one of their recipes, but I get to connect with them through their story!

  2. whitegirlfang Says:

    Love this! I’m Greek too and my family has a lot of stories of suffering followed by triumph. Spanakopita is a staple.

  3. budward217 Says:

    A lovely lady with a great story, beautifully told and beautifully captured. I can’t wait to try the recipe. Thank you Jeanette for sharing with us.

  4. carnage98kill Says:

    The wonderful things about this series is that it’s not just a recipe,it’s a whole different story about each dish.

  5. katzcradul Says:

    Thank you. Lovely.

  6. taiyou18 Says:

    i love this series! i love the message in this video as well 🙂

    just a suggestion: it’d be great to get a link to the recipe in the description

  7. chaitu2010 Says:

    awesome..i love these videos

  8. Cosasbebe1 Says:

    I love these!!!! I cry with everyone and dont know why.. i guess i feel the emotion that comes with the story.. thank you for sharing !


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