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Best Molokhia Recipe

Posted on 30 April 2011 by admin This is the popular Molokhia Recipe that I learnt while in Africa. I understand it is very popular and although the recipe includes chicken. If you are vegetarian then this is a perfect addition to your recipe. of course minus the chicken. Depending on how thick you make the Molokhia it can either be a soup or stew. There are a lot of interesting African recipes and I like to include these tasty recipes for you to discover. I hope you enjoy this video

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  1. HowToExpo Says:

    @Animatorbluesky Yes, absolutely! Actually my daughter Vera has made a video and it will be up soon! Thank you for your comment, let us know what other recipes you are looking for. -Mariette

  2. Balamukh Says:

    Thank you for the video and the series. I am so grateful to you for resolving one of those quandaries that tax our brains for years. You finally revealed to me what molokhia is in English. I have wondered for years and have not been able to find the answer….until now. Thanks again!

  3. Animatorbluesky Says:

    Dear Mrs.mariette can teach us how to cook brown rice basmati? I’m trying to lose weight.
    Thank you

  4. HowToExpo Says:

    @intezam I have looked for the fresh jute plant where we live, but never found it. That’s why I purchase the frozen kind, and have some dry jute also. Its really delicious, let me know if you give it a try. My niece loves to have this as a soup. 🙂 We tend to have it with rice or with bread. Thanks for the message -Mariette

  5. HowToExpo Says:

    @fezan84 Hi, its a lovely recipe, hope you give it a try. Try it with white rice, or dip with some bread or just eat it on its own. Let me know if you give it a try.

  6. intezam Says:

    Great recipe.We have this jute plant everywhere in the fields and we also cook it as a kind of saag. We mix it with dil too but our preparation is more dry. I will try your recipe. Thanks

  7. fezan84 Says:

    Wow, never seen this ingredient before — but it looks great! Mmm


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