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Black Bean Salad Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 27 February 2011 by admin     

beans, bacon, bell peppers, onions, celery, and a few spices make for some good eating, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys with this classic barbecue beans side dish.

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  1. Boostedstr8six Says:

    Iif you watch the video you see they AVOID damaging the edge of their knives. And the knives are cutting just fine. wtf, over? lol

  2. jadeevalley Says:


  3. koubouaki Says:


  4. faerthen Says:

    These guys are great, but spare yourself a lot of misery & get a real knife, not a machete. That thing barely cuts in most of these vids because he’s always dragging the minuscule working edge over metal & coals.

  5. Daydreamer717 Says:

    I just made this, but I did it on the stove cuz I don’t have a cast iron skillet to put on the grill, BUT NEVERTHELESS it was amazing! The flavor is certainly different than what I was expecting. The dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar really give it a flavor that’s out of this world. I made this with chicken, but like they say, it can go with any meat you’re cooking. Definitely give this one a try!

  6. schlorn Says:

    excelent! it goes really well with my ribs

  7. TreasureFiend Says:

    Hot damn that looks goooood!!!!!

  8. 274456 Says:


  9. mjamjan Says:

    Sweet summertime

  10. darricknratrods Says:

    i’m so glad i subscribed!

  11. pooterosa Says:

    I guess I just answered my own question. I just went and checked out one of your older videos that was about Tips, Tools and Spices from 2 months ago and seen that it’s a 10″ Old Hickory and a 12″ Iron Skillet. That was a pretty good and informative video as well. Thanks.

  12. pooterosa Says:

    Looks like a good recipe and I’ll have to give it a try. Is that a 13″ black iron skillet you are using here? Where did you get a hold of that big Old Hickory butcher knife from? I’ve only been able to find the 7″ — your’s must be the 14″?

  13. TheFilmCreator1 Says:

    mm looks good

  14. practicalmagic9 Says:

    ha!now, THAT was a spoon!nearly a vegan dish, boys! whew! saved yourselves with the bacon! good salad.will try it my next bbq~

  15. jsmith1257 Says:


  16. dig6dog Says:

    i might be trippin’ but i think the music in the background is Keith Jarret.. bregenz concert maybe?

  17. wardog431 Says:

    More Bacon More

  18. MoanaLindsey Says:

    No.. I don’t smell that actually….

  19. 12fitzgerald Says:

    how about dutch oven cookin.just got one myself need a great bbq pit boys recipe to pop its cherry…….

  20. arvinserra Says:

    Yeah! Lamb would be great!

  21. mike2223312 Says:

    it even’s it out. It will have a mild/hot kick with a small sweet taste, you could use more or less of either to suit your taste

  22. DustyRolls Says:

    RR is that you?

  23. teox14 Says:

    you can also use a lemon and balsamic vinegar, and mint!! but man, healthy food is not your specialty. We want from you beef, pork chickens, and sometimes a recipe with LAMB

  24. jeremygrant87 Says:

    i never had this before , is it good ??

  25. oneinter Says:

    man that looks reel gud.


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