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Boondi ladoo Recipe Video [sweet dumplings]

Posted on 24 January 2011 by admin     

Boondi Laddoo is an all-time favourite and made on several special occasions and festivals.

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  1. amiharamihar Says:

    whats boondi??

  2. FHolygirl Says:

    Hello …
    I’m not living in India,
    SO, How should I prepare Boondi?
    Thanks …

  3. M4037331 Says:

    wheres the boondhi in the ladoo?

  4. queenkirstyn Says:


  5. rodeo179 Says:

    you’re a bitch with your dumb ass monkey song.

    how the hell you made boondi retard?

  6. ayeshahaq1 Says:

    @Aashish343 What do you mean by “Saudi”?

  7. reekonastro Says:

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  8. Aashish343 Says:

    Fuckin saudi shut up

  9. alguienPLC Says:

    thanks for sharing…..i love indian food…is awesome…
    India ke hushboo bohot acha hai 🙂

  10. ravidaruri Says:

    Good Presentation i love it.

  11. juliashani Says:

    nice racipe funny song!

  12. colourful18angel Says:

    guestuplo wtf calm down its youtube and u gonna get crap sometimes so u gotta learn to chill with it aiight

  13. guestuplo Says:

    hi bubbles!

    its just not sufficient if you post a compliment, its our duty to kick of satans from here!

  14. guestuplo Says:

    Hello ifoodtv,

    ITs not enought if you just post nice videos and sit back. You should be moderating the comments and remove any gutter pigs floating your comment area. Its your minimum responsibility and a common sense to remove such pig a**holes from here. wtf is madhoorishit doing in here! try to delete that comment and clock that a**hole from entering in videos like this.

    Dont you feel furious about such satans moving around here and daring to comment in here!

  15. bubbles2911815 Says:

    Nice Movie Guys – hes a legend!

  16. bubbles2911814 Says:

    Nice Movie Guys – hes a legend!

  17. seher27 Says:

    Thanx, nice recipe 🙂

  18. disneylover45 Says:


  19. kimmarlyn Says:

    You can make boondi by mixing besan(channa flour or split pea flour)with water and making a batter. You then use a jharna or slotted spoon and pour the batter onto the spoon, while the spoon is above a pot with oil or ghee to fry it as the batter drops from the holes in the spoon.

  20. disneylover45 Says:

    wow..great..but have 1 quest. do we get boondi ready-made from a grocery store or is there a recipe for it?? would be helpful if u answer.cheers!!


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