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Brandy Infusion

Posted on 30 October 2010 by admin     

Brandy infused with X-Rated fusion, sprite and some amaretto. It’s tasty, it’s pretty and it’s definitely worth a look for those trying to build some new X-Rated recipes

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  1. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @ltaveras90 Yes, it’s called “Three Olives Bubble” and has a kiinda pink band around it to differentiate it from their other 30 flavors 🙂 I believe Three Olives is the only one that sells it, at our store it costs USD $15.

    I’ve not purchased it yet, because the bill was already high enough on my way out on Friday 🙂

  2. ltaveras90 Says:

    HEY i was reading sum of the comments below ….JUSTTTT to let you know they do make A bubble gum flavored vodka …its made by the vodka company called THREE OLIVES ……. btw three olives vodka is very good you should check out there whole vodka flavor varities…..they got alotttt … of your biggest fans Leo

  3. eba101 Says:

    i will check them out but i forgot to say chambord and tequila recipe

  4. ch00089 Says:

    @everydaydrinkers 50ml Grey Goose, 40ml pineapple juice, 10ml Chambord all shaken and strained over martini glass is a good choice (French martini).

  5. WizardPiss Says:

    @everydaydrinkers Yeh i mean you can make skittle vodka your self, you should do it.

  6. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @eba101 And we have! There are currently seven recipes posted with Chambord and more to come no doubt.

  7. eba101 Says:

    you should do some chambord recipes

  8. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @WizardPiss Hear of it yes, seen it, no. I’m still on the hunt for bubble gum vodka. They’ve got a vodka flavor for everything…

  9. everydaydrinkers Says:

    @thebladesman No, not yet, I’ve got to find a few more brands of amaretto. I think I’ve got access to two, maybe three.

  10. WizardPiss Says:

    Derrick, Have you heard of Skittle infused vodka?

  11. thebladesman Says:

    have you guys done amaretto on ABV yet?


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