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Brett Favre to talk to Brad Childress about playing

Posted on 29 December 2010 by admin Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress and quarterback Brett Favre plan to meet at an undisclosed location later this week to discuss the possibility of the former Packers and Jets quarterback renouncing his retirement from the NFL to play the 2009 season with the Vikings, according to a source with direct knowledge of discussions between the two parties. There is a mutual understanding that sometime soon thereafter Favre will decide whether to sign with the Vikings. The team would expect him to participate fully in offseason minicamps and training camps, which he missed last year with the Jets. Favre has not been working out and declined to have surgery to repair the torn biceps tendon that plagued him the final month of last season. Favre may believe the injury can heal on its own as did a similar problem with his left shoulder while he played in Green Bay. A source close to Favre told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that how the injury heals will play a role in the quarterback’s decision. The source also said that the quarterback’s agent, Bus Cook, is researching unemployed NFL quarterback coaches to see if one can be hired to work with Favre in Mississippi while he ponders a possible return. Favre wanted to play for the Vikings last season, but the Packers specifically eliminated their NFC North rivals as a potential destination for the Green Bay icon. Vikings head coach Brad Childress discusses Brett Favre and the health of rookie Percy Harvin. While Favre had

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  1. MrSlima47 Says:


  2. badmuthur Says:

    i swear i keep thinking the anchor is Mel Gibson

  3. AlbertV90 Says:

    I heard rumors about this on the internet, radio and t.v. on the day and thought that would be exciting for him to play with the Vikings but he had biceps injury and later got the surgery and then look what happened. He had quite possibly, the best season of his career with the Vikings in 2009. Expect him to get that ankle surgery this year and be back for the 2010 season.

  4. writertrump Says:

    brett is the babe ruth of football, period, that dude can still ball at 40 years old……

  5. joe41182 Says:

    AD would love it if bret came to minnesota with bret he wouldn’t face 10 11 guys in the box he would face 9 or so in the box so ad won’t take such a beating

  6. godzilla1077 Says:

    If the Viking do get Farve they will cause some problems. But they wont be getting the same Farve from the Packers, or even the Jets for that matter. Farve is a year older and has lost some of his power and accuracy. That being said, I still think he would be a better QB than what the Vikings have already. Farve though did leave the Jets cuz they didnt get along.

  7. hgghjkfjkg Says:

    If any of you had respect for Farve you would suck it up and enjoy seeing him play so what if its for The Vikings if a man wants to play then just let him play god green bay wont take him because they are fucking idiots who need to realize that Roggers will never get them close to the super bowl like farve did because your whole team is fucking stupid

  8. coolg11g Says:

    brett u screwed up ur didn’t look good in jet colors so now ur going to look really bad in purple and everyone is going tol
    hate u!u only look good in green trust me!

  9. TheUltimateDT Says:



  10. triplestamp1 Says:


  11. RCmack Says:

    I hope Favre comes out of retirement again. He loves playing football, and if he’s still good, he should play until he’s 50. Favre makes older guys feel good.

    Age is all in people’s minds. Brandi Chastain still plays pro soccer at age 40. Chris Chelios still plays NHL hockey at 47. And Mark Martin’s still a full time NASCAR driver at age 50.


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