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Brussel Sprouts With Bacon and Figs

Posted on 24 June 2011 by admin     

Mark Bittman cooks up brussel sprouts with bacon and figs. Related Article:

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  1. xsliceofheavenx Says:

    can you use fresh figs instead

  2. fistoffries Says:

    “Bye!!” LOL!

  3. chanchoalcatraz Says:

    i love your ever-changing intros

  4. xavierpaquin Says:

    “A little of… gift from the gods, white sugar for grown-ups,,, bacon.”


  5. wendahful Says:

    go up to your address bar, put the letter “Q” between the words you and tube, then press enter or click go

  6. bibbeny Says:

    and I care,,,oops bored already, aaand you’re done.

  7. hemmingway28 Says:

    yawn at your comment

  8. roamsedge Says:

    Love this. Bitty’s the best

  9. towerguarder Says:

    i hate brussel sprouts.. cool show tho

  10. mwarg Says:

    his frying pan wasn’t even hot when he put the bacon in.

  11. MsCMR80 Says:

    I want a slicing disk NOW!!!

  12. bibbeny Says:


  13. bibbeny Says:


  14. dudeop3 Says:


  15. dudeop3 Says:

    pork rules you fucking stupid people

  16. dudeop3 Says:

    fuck that

  17. dudeop3 Says:

    fucking jew

  18. xxLatinKillaxx Says:

    i dont know why i always watch this guys videos of cooking and i hate cooking shows lol

  19. jfitz420 Says:

    lmao im not vegetarian,,,i eat every kind of meat BESIDES PORK—SILENCE!! WILLPARADIGM,,,,cHECK OUT MY VIDS AND SUBSCRIBE

  20. bibbeny Says:

    Use turkey bacon or just leave the meat out all together. You’ll still get a great side dish. Chopped onions will be good or a vegan meat substitue like sietan (mispelled that) or the old stand by portabello mushrooms.

  21. jfitz420 Says:

    u had 2 ruin it with pork,,disgusting

  22. bibbeny Says:

    Bitter, sweet, salty, sour, all in balance. This is why He is a great chef.


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