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Cajun Smoked Turkey and Pork Roast by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 11 November 2011 by admin     

This Cajun style Turkey and Pork Loin holiday roast, smoke tender and moist, will give your guests a Holiday or Thanksgiving Turkey and Pork dinner they’ll never forget. It’s that good. Watch how easy it is to do with a few tips and techniques by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. The5starSTUNNNA Says:

    @ChicagoBears1 no i just come for commercials

  2. KjB1ogger Says:

    Thank god for Rednecks!

  3. tdyyy1613 Says:

    please open a restaurant.

  4. MrSkullpic Says:

    were ar all the flys

  5. weroloco31 Says:

    this guy sounds like the whataburger dude…… just like you like it. W-H-A-T-A-B-U-R-G-E-R…… texas made

  6. IBroLLyISePhIrOtH Says:

    chicagobears 4 everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. steinderbush Says:

    You guys are ….. delicious!!!

  8. zRev1983 Says:

    Omg that looks amazing! I gotta try that. I might sweeten it up a little with some brown sugar too. Thanks for posting

  9. 1234blackeye Says:


  10. rob18767 Says:

    Doesn’t Cajun food necessarily require the “holy trinity” of peppers, celery and onions?

  11. CrockpotCook Says:


  12. pimpaling1 Says:

    His style

  13. pimpaling1 Says:

    I like his styke

  14. likeglue69 Says:

    can i have thanksgiving with u guys?

  15. thenessa666manson Says:


  16. IBroLLyISePhIrOtH Says:

    Respond to this video… how long did? it take to cook?

  17. IBroLLyISePhIrOtH Says:

    @gayle2020 looks sooooo gooooooood

  18. OfficialKohieArts Says:

    I can’t wait to make this for Thanksgiving, I love to grill

  19. miller434 Says:

    10 or 7 inch old hickory knife guys?

  20. tallboy200 Says:

    u guys r great can u please send me a marinade vid thanks madison heights mi

  21. Hnubc1s Says:

    I love all your videos! I might try this style this Thanksgiving. Thanks a million! Love your videos!

  22. kajcsapapa Says:

    id eat that whole turkey now LOL

  23. SuperNuela Says:

    are you hungry or what??? excellent slogan

  24. jtjjbannie Says:

    I’m gonna try this with a butterball turkey breast today!

  25. gayle2020 Says:

    how long did it take to cook? looks sooooo gooooooood


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