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Carne Asada Flank Steak Torta recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 03 April 2011 by admin     

A Carne Asada steak sandwich made with McCormick’s Grill Mates Chipotle Pepper marinated Flank Steak is real easy to grill on the barbecue, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. sp0xerz Says:

    A pure orgasmic taste … ME LIKEY :]

  2. PowerhouseRoy Says:

    Can I live with you guys?

  3. bigglefty75 Says:

    looks guuuuuud.. just one tip they sell thinner cuts of asada…

  4. ShangShang16 Says:

    want more chili!!..
    now who said that the sizzling sounds are fake?

  5. aduran91017 Says:

    Lol Your videos always get me hungry

  6. ArcStormZ Says:

    @wgary321 Welcome to the U.S. of A.

  7. cachubiza Says:

    hey boys, ’tis the beef cut they call “arrachera” in mexico?
    thanks a bunch

  8. SuperFrankiePR Says:

    that of kind that mexico lol

  9. trollanos Says:

    @raiders1369 yes bro i know and thats some nice bbq yo got there i just went yesterday to a carne asada good man like you said with some TKT niceee.!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  10. raiders1369 Says:

    @Askewviewin That’s right homeboy, we ain’t SPICS. I have no connection to Europe

  11. raiders1369 Says:

    @trollanos carne asada for us chicanos is da shit all you you need is corn tortillas some salsa and literally eat off the grill & nail back some TECATE beer. Check out my video channel got some good BBQ videos

  12. trollanos Says:

    @raiders1369 that the only one you know about and the most popular

  13. HuskerSeaofRed Says:

    Did you make your own chili sauce?

  14. wgary321 Says:

    you eat to much meat.

  15. Askewviewin Says:

    @samuelvic Carne Asada is not exclusive to Spain. Ever heard of us Mexicans? Spain and Mexico are two different countries on two different continents….in case you did not know that. Thusly, the food will be different.

  16. samuelvic Says:

    avocado is really rare in spain. so i dont believe they have this type of “carne asada torta”

  17. Comp3630 Says:

    @crushed51 I’m no BBQ expert but, in a lot of the vids they do explain. The Cover and the vents on it controls how much air gets to the burning coals, thus controls how hot the grill get. If you want to be precise?the ?emperature inside the grill can be measured by sticking a chef thermometer in the vent, but you will probably find it easier just to guestimate by how much coal used and how much you open the vent.

  18. shlomibh4 Says:

    EPIC moan sound 11:24 !

  19. shlomibh4 Says:

    that is a HUGE KNIFE!

  20. crushed51 Says:

    Further to my reply below, I ask these questions because I really want to get to know how to BBQ properly an not screw it up, so please folks be nice, and any advice would be really appreciated.

  21. crushed51 Says:

    As a recent arrival from the UK where any kind of BBQ is a sure fire certainty to bring on a downpour of monsoon proportions, I have absolutely ZERO experience of ANY kind of BBQing, so please forgive what to you may seem a couple of real stupid questions, but if I don’t know I ask. #1What difference does putting the cover over the meat cooking on the BBQ have. And #2 how do you ascertain the temperature when you have the cover on ?. These foods look deeeelicious,

  22. skua12345 Says:

    3 persons should be arrested by the food police…i love these guys!!!

  23. wollyhood69 Says:


  24. Superwondermanhyper Says:

    Awesome! Flank steak so well made. I love it.

  25. Superwondermanhyper Says:

    Awesome! Flank stake so well made. I love it.


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