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Char Siu Ribs Recipe

Posted on 28 January 2012 by admin     

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  1. TheSquishyMonster Says:

    oooh yum!! I wish there were an authentic Chinese spot near me 🙁 you always make? the BEST foods!!

  2. kromen10 Says:

    Can I do this with beef??

  3. MrEZCooking Says:

    Hi Lila! You know I LOVE your cooking and recipes but your taken…….:( Maybe you have a sister that can cook to?…….:) Delicious looking ribs! I love? char siu

  4. TheVittleVlog Says:

    Really look good….this? is a have to try!

  5. Allen2045 Says:

    I love ribs. Going to have? to give this a try. Thanks Lila…

  6. deview123 Says:

    That is such a great looking dish, and? so different from the traditional marinades for ribs. Thank you Lila for a great rib recipie

  7. ornitorrinco01 Says:

    Lila I’m glad you did this recipe. Today is a public holiday where I live and? I went to a very popular and crowded Yum Cha place with my family. I had Char Sui pork among other things, I love the sweet flavour of this dish and I will definately try your marinade. Happy Lunar New Year.

  8. KasCooks Says:

    Nothing? like a good marinade. Great recipe!

  9. Thongger Says:

    I have to try this after my exams after? over.

  10. srainy Says:

    would the marinade be good with chicken too, lila? ?

  11. wazclan1964 Says:

    Very nice Lila i am a ribs? fan and will give this a try have a happy day

  12. MrJingjong Says:

    Char siu and peking? duck are my favourite. This sauce is great on lamb ribs too!

  13. cgd8602 Says:

    I instantly added this recipe to my favorites. ? Thanks!

  14. tattooyu Says:

    I love the way you? said that the ribs have to fit comfortably in the bag. I was half-expecting you to sing them a lullaby!

  15. Robby303 Says:

    I don’t eat ribs but I clicked on the video to hear the “hi? everyone” 🙂

  16. cookymnstr123 Says:

    Hi Lila, I’ve made your char siu? many times, every time it turns out great! Can I use the same a marinade for this?

  17. BRACKUS001 Says:

    you make looks? cook so easy , thanks for your great recipes and exelent videos thanks

  18. DPDeHart Says:

    They Look Nice and Tasty. Great Job? Lila!

  19. MrMrtiki Says:

    Yummy –Did? you remove the inner skin on ribs .

  20. kattatonic1 Says:

    Keep cooking, Lila! I love your videos. They? are so well organized. Great recipes. Yummy food!

  21. elbacooks4u Says:

    Did someone say ribs? I like? them.

    God Bless,


  22. RABthefirst Says:

    It’s like watching a kewpie doll do videos…a kewpie? doll that is an excellent cook. Please keep making these videos. 🙂

  23. 1964Yojimbo Says:


  24. EZGlutenFree Says:

    These look fantastic? Lila.


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