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Chicken 65- indian food

Posted on 09 November 2010 by admin     

chicken cooked in spicilicious style

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  1. apopkasss Says:

    Vah Chef,
    I ordered the Ajinamoto which i didnt have and made this dish just minutes after viewing your video a few hours back. Its turned out awesome and I added more chopped garlic and thin rounds of green chillies and made my own red chilli with garlic sause. Thank you so much.

  2. forbidentitty Says:

    epic accent

  3. ashleykaul Says:

    Your recipe for chicken 65 is not only exciting but your video is also so informative that I really admire your love for food. Well done to you for teaching us these wonderful restaurant classics from India. My sister and I are hooked onto your recipe videos!!

  4. willyham72 Says:

    iv been hitting you left right and centre as your cooking is relly good mr vahchef

  5. DaredDevil2142 Says:

    looks awesome.

  6. mridulakar Says:

    I love your ethusiasum and you made me fall in love with cooking. And no it didnt took me 65 attempts to get it right, Chicken 65 perfect in one go!! Thanks Chef!

  7. nkarowalia Says:

    how about boiling chicken ..then saute by adding cornflour..salt, pepper powder, and rest of the ingredients ….that way it will be more healthy ..rather than deep frying

  8. 58Alwyn Says:

    Your chicken 65 dish excellent. Mouth watering. Only my suggestion do not use Ajinamoto(MSG) not good for health. They can use little bit soy souce for chicken before frying.

  9. kingofpop924 Says:

    hey chef i am 13 years old and my mother likes your recipes very much thank you

  10. srajjad Says:

    it seems like more like a Chinese dish, like orange chicken,..

  11. marlenebordeleau Says:

    @ksisneh It is better to use clean hands than dirty gloves… when cooks use gloves there are more risks of cross-contamination because when you touch something with your hands you’ll feel the need to wash them, but with gloves on there are more chances that you’ll keep them on than change them every time they get a little dirty. Clean hands are the best tool.

  12. WiiUltimate76 Says:

    ajinamoto is actually msg which causes cancer….

  13. bearfutmuvmnt Says:

    hey i love your recipes….i tried adding a little hot masala to it as well as different varities of chillies….turned out great…..

    thank you VAHCHEF.

  14. bearfutmuvmnt Says:

    it came out lip smacking good…

  15. arhifaith Says:

    hello anna,ur dishes r gud as i tried some.but sorry to tell u that when i did this chicken 65 i really forgot the taste,i dont wanna do it again.actually v were waiting for a long time & disappointed.iam new for cookoing.kindly tell the quantities so that it comes out great.sorry but iys my fault.

  16. rabia22p Says:

    when u fry the chicken, what to do with rest of the oil because afterwards it smells really bad, not only this whenever we deep fry something how can we reuse the oil??

  17. johnnyshareit Says:

    superb easy recipe. just tried it and it turned out great! thank you Vahchef!!!

  18. TheSugarplum770 Says:

    lol. I am hot, hot all through. lol

  19. rockinajax Says:

    Heard of the Bhuharis in chennai? that is where 65 was born! Perhaps it should be the chef gettin the hits not the site! 😀

  20. karabasaraba Says:

    @TheSugarplum770 after ninnu, word breaking is wrong. get it corrected from ur telugu speaking friend

  21. whyhedodat Says:

    you should add 4 more ingredients just for the lulz

  22. TheSugarplum770 Says:

    chef, nenu ninnu prem is tunna.

  23. wetever100 Says:

    very well. good job,

  24. MrHanzai100 Says:

    your english is prettty funny.. well i like it any way chicken 65

  25. thugix Says:

    @ksisneh he’s a cook, he’s not gonna use a glove :S wtf i’ve never seen a cook use gloves it’s dangerous when cutting with gloves on.


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