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Posted on 12 February 2011 by admin     

There are many videos and recipes of chicken biryani on you tube, so you ask why another one. Well this one is very simple and uses very little spices. This chicken biryani is very popular in Delhi and Lucknow and does not use red chili pepper and turmeric. Try this simple recipe and you and your kids will love it. Enjoy – as always all recipes can be downloaded free from Enjoy

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  1. kheyatori Says:

    @sriramakk lol

  2. 7861iggy Says:

    i have tried ur mutton curry and some of other recepies. they really turn good although with low spices they came we should try the recepie first instead of putting our comments.if somebody doesnt like stop watching simple!

  3. sriramakk Says:

    It should be a crime to cook biryani with out chilli

  4. dheer1231 Says:

    It will surely taste goood.
    Mmmm i am hungry.

  5. dheer1231 Says:

    @TheMaheswaran24 I guess u love being rude…isn’t it.On the face just bcoz she is not related to u and u r not held responsible for ur comments.Learn to b nice or atleast ignore.If u dont like something go away.She is investing a lot of effort to make these videos and comments like urs r only frustrating.Ur comments r very discouraging so learn to acknowledge or go away learn to bhave.Just saying.Put ur self in her position and think how it feels.Thanks

  6. aparaajita10 Says:

    @batasi the problem is that an Indian is messing up with the Indian recipe. That sure hurts.

  7. batasi Says:

    @aparaajita10 well thanks for your comment , but i think olive oil once you heat it ,its go toxic ,and its dosent taste good ,and you dont get ,that real biryni with olive oil , what she done her is only mixing with chiken buna rice .its not biryani ,, thanks ,

  8. batasi Says:

    @TheMaheswaran24 …lol

  9. aparaajita10 Says:

    @batasi How to ruin a perfectly delicious elegant & healthy Indian recipe? replace the Ghee/mustard oil/sesame oil/fresh peanut oil with the oil from SG’s native place, olive oil

  10. aparaajita10 Says:

    @sfehmi try covering the pot with foil & then put the cover over it & then place it in the oven

  11. ashypeshygmail Says:

    Madame do u really have a hubby and kids? shit pitiful…..u dont know something Called CHILLI????????????????

  12. ashypeshygmail Says:

    Madame do u really have a hubby and kids? shit pitiful…..u dont know something Called CHILLI????????????????

  13. pogisiG Says:


  14. Ozarkarms Says:

    Sexy Biryani.

  15. mrsjadabe Says:

    I like your speaking voice… it is pretty. ; ) Thanks for the recipe.

  16. CJ2GAME Says:

    good recipe but I have 1 suggestion, as u are Indian, if u dont use english-accent then it would be much. Just speak normally.

  17. batasi Says:

    @henrybrar mine too hahahahaahah

  18. batasi Says:

    without gee is not BIRYANI,, you need to put gee ,

  19. batasi Says:

    @TheMaheswaran24 hahahahahahah

  20. sandeepsarafrf Says:

    bull shit procedure..

  21. scorpionz80 Says:

    @iluvindia01. so you want her to speak in Indian Language??! then how are we supposed to understand?!
    she speaks English so everybody can understand her, and this is how Indians sounds when they speak English!!

  22. aklnj Says:

    @iluvindia01 Hey broher, she is not putting on an accent. From her accent it looks like she was born in India, studied in good Christian schools in India and now you hear an accent that is a blend of American and the good “clipped accent’ of British English from her days in school in India. . So go and chill bro!.

  23. iluvindia01 Says:

    it really annoys me wen people like u put on an American accent, we can clearly hear ur Indian accent it does not suit u, u r Indian.. b Indian, b proud to b Indian, represent ur country where u were born … shame on u…!!!

  24. Gh4LVr Says:

    This tasted horrible, try it with tomatoes if you ever make it

  25. b4real89 Says:

    @TheMaheswaran24 lol, true!


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