Chicken & Mushrooms Recipe – Almost Naked Breasts!

Posted on 31 March 2011 by admin     

Learn a simple Chicken & Mushrooms Recipe! Visit for the ingredients! Plus, more info and over 500 additional original video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Chicken & Mushrooms Recipe !

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  1. mangoekiwi Says:

    I think you should provide the specific link for this recipe in your info box, instead of providing your website address alone. Great recipe btw! Trying this out tonight! 🙂

  2. tuuplis Says:

    @1kperday No, I decided to substitute ”Almost” with your mom’s name. and let me assure You, there was no disappointment there. *snap, snap

  3. ziakas420 Says:

    Like I was tought in culinary school, K.I.S.S. Keep IT Simple Stupid!!!!! Nice vid Chef I really dig your channel, keep the vids coming!!!

  4. bahmand Says:

    @shabsove22 yes

  5. dapletd Says:

    very good but i think it would be more flavorful with chicken wings,but wings are more expensive so i will have to try this….looks good!

  6. 87ramasaurus Says:

    @Strand0410 LMFAO !!!

  7. shabsove22 Says:

    can i do this with thighs as well, i would assume so cause its all chicken…pls help im only 16 and dont really know how to cook

  8. MrBlackjack211 Says:

    im gonna try this for my family later. Thanks Chef!

  9. anthony167 Says:

    Wow! I just made this and it turned out AMAZING!!! I substituted breast for thighs, but it still turned out great! Thank you so much for posting this amazing, but simple recipe!

  10. chrissiemoda Says:


  11. Kissmoi123 Says:

    Indian meallsss 😀

  12. BLeSSeDoGkUSH420 Says:

    @Rubdini401 they’ll burn theres no moisture in them

  13. comfortablesofa Says:

    14 people are bullimic

  14. Rubdini401 Says:

    Can i use shrooms instead of mushrooms???

  15. Rubdini401 Says:

    Can i use shrooms instead of mushrooms???

  16. AZNWOKZ Says:

    food service white mushrooms.

  17. leefuji Says:

    what kinda mushrooms are those ?

  18. kaika101 Says:

    thank you!

  19. enigmaticveil Says:

    Well done and your so right my herb garden has totally become a crutch….I cook at someone else’s place and I have a slight panicky feeling lol. Great job Chef!! be blessed

  20. masm60 Says:

    My challenge is I loathe mushrooms. They have the texture of tire plugs.

  21. MissFreia Says:

    I love the Camera work!

  22. prezg1 Says:

    Wow Chef John, excellent theme!

  23. flmcd Says:

    chef john . you are the best as always

  24. violinwesley Says:

    “add some wine! add some acid! add some vinegar! add some something! NOO!!!”

  25. foofita7 Says:

    I wish if you cook any Arabic dish, I am sure it will be amazing you are great chef 🙂


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