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Chicken Pot Barbecue by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 08 January 2011 by admin     

This real delicious and easy to do barbecue chicken recipe is served from a pot on the grill. And with a few off-the-shelf ingredients, it is ready to eat in as little as an hour. But be sure to make a double batch of these tender and juicy thighs because your barbeque pit fans will keep coming back for more and more….!

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  1. impamiizgraa Says:

    i just ate 4 minutes ago, a lot!! but as usual the pit boys have made me hungry again!!!!

    MAN, that looks gurrd. Can you smell that?

  2. eaglescout5 Says:

    I’ve made this recipe twice now, and there is one problem with it: we never have any leftovers! Man, I can’t wait to do it again this weekend!

  3. kny4eva Says:

    @PinoyXposed keep 3rd world country pinoys out of this wonderful video plz

  4. peterahjorter Says:

    My Filipino girlfriend made something very similar to this, just as someone have allready mentioned its called Adobo

  5. robociock Says:

    @Coldworld26 hahahahahaha

  6. im0rtel Says:

    The religion of the barbecue. Amen brother!

  7. graffnameseed Says:

    idk man ive never seen adobo made like that n i have tryed a lot of adobo, the only ingredients i have seen used in adobo in this vid is is the vinegar and soy sause everything else point a different direction and thats a lot of soy and not enough vinegar

  8. csfreak50 Says:

    Its basically adobo “man” its just a different way to cook it, similar ingredients, and theres a variety of ways to prepare adobo chicken, regardless the name or who makes it. The dish is from an influence of American, Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, and Filipino in a long history of trading imports and cuisine. Thanks for your concern for my statement though, I feel touched.

  9. graffnameseed Says:

    it aint adobo man, if u think this is adobo some one was lying to u

  10. PinoyXposed Says:

    This looks delicious but somehow it is very similar to the FILIPINO ADOBO RECIPE…. thanks for this wonderful post

  11. shizeninho Says:

    ni99a stole my chicken thigh!!

  12. yulikesrice Says:

    I love how amazing grace is in the background!

  13. csfreak50 Says:

    what the hell, this is hella adobo hahaha its cool though, i like it

  14. bryanadamz Says:

    Hmmmm , … Hungry or what ?
    looks er GOODDD. Man … You smell that ?
    HA HA HA …
    good job

  15. jeremygrant87 Says:

    that looks awesome, lmao theres the dude that always comes outta the bush fer a taste lol u guys r great

  16. JackReacher2 Says:

    Wow! This recipe looks very similar to Chicken Adobo. Thankd BBQ Pitboys for sharing this video.

  17. tekmeasiam Says:

    did he actually show his face this time? Heh. That looks so good. It was also good to see the comraderie at the end of the clip. Good stuff.

  18. caloy03 Says:

    chicken adobo!!!!

  19. 702decatur Says:

    First time ive seen someone throw eggs in there.. must be good..

  20. bwgray50 Says:

    These guys are awesome!!! They can cook ANYTHING on the grill it seems. I like how they keep things simple though.


    The bbq gets hotter than a stove top. I don’t think there’s any danger of undercooked chicken.


    Hahaha, I was just thinking that too! Mmmm,can’t go wrong with that though! Yum!

  23. xXpaOie09Xx Says:

    ur soo right… that is soo adobo… lol!

  24. Tug11955 Says:

    This Guy is GOOD…[Who the hell is Bobby Flay????]

  25. EbolaV1rus Says:

    What a great recipe!!! This will be perfect for me, I work outside alot and don’t always have time to stand over the grill. My husband will especially love the eggs, I would have never thought of that!

    Thanks for sharing!


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