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Chicken Thighs Barbeque by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 21 August 2011 by admin     

If you love Bar-B-Que chicken, then you have to check out these easy to grill, moist and tender, seared Chicken Thighs. With a little dry rub, barbecue sauce, and a few simple grilling tips, you’ll not only be eating real good, but you’ll wish you had made a double batch.

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  1. dr1345 Says:

    @truesh1t do what? burn chikin’ to a coal like state? and there are no recipe. he just put chikin’ on a grill and put some sauce on it. retarded chimpanzee can do that!

  2. dr1345 Says:

    stupid chicken thighs always get burned up because of grease dripping down and provoking the flames, but it’s my favorite part of the chiken

  3. JimmyTheKiller Says:

    thanks for that technique, bbqing chicken is one of the hardest things to do properly

  4. saiyansnake Says:

    Man if I was your neighbor you and your boyz would have to add y’all rifles as a grilling tool to protect all that good steak, chicken n’ ribs from me!

  5. saiyansnake Says:

    6 people singed the hair on the back of their hands.

  6. bullybreed1313 Says:

    love the recipe but hate the music!

  7. aaronmward Says:

    This is like BBQ porn

  8. aaronmward Says:

    ok now I’m really hungry. Gonna try these tonight

  9. 27ljta Says:

    i really enjoyed this vid and you have a great, classic voice. but what i hate about chefs and cooking shows is they use the word “plate” ….idk, can’t everyone just say something else…”plating” just sounds stupid and foo-foo…

  10. Tranquillity45 Says:


  11. chicabandaa Says:

    come check out our bbq

  12. mcowboys1 Says:

    they look awesome, I expect taste as good as they look!

  13. visionsbydean Says:

    I just cooked these and everyone LOVED them!!!!!!!!! They were so tender and the taste was unbelievable, THANKS FOR THE VIDEOS!!!!!

  14. Fwamzor Says:

    Best BBQ voice-over ever!


    im doing this tonight i love summer

  16. ironmaiden0902 Says:

    vodka sauce is very powerful

  17. truesh1t Says:

    Good recipe, i’ma go outback and do just what you did,

  18. Magz565 Says:

    Lmao I love how sexy he makes it sound in the beginning
    Do you smell that? LOL
    Awesome video im making chicken tonight 😀

  19. seamonsterchanyikai Says:

    MMmmm…that yummy grill chicken thights sure make me saliva, I watch this for a few times and everytime I watch it, I’m really hungry for those deliciously cooked thights. GREAT RECIPE AND PRESENTATION

  20. Lhouie27 Says:

    ya smell that? i wish i could..

  21. leldux10 Says:

    That’s good, but you gotta see how we make shashlik in Latvia!

  22. starmgray Says:

    Yum, yum, yum!! Delicious recipe, thanks!

  23. spartanM116 Says:

    got a layer of flavor from the rub on the outside and the sau_____ MMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHMMMMMMM

  24. YOMAMAXXL Says:

    haha awesome!

  25. akalda1 Says:

    i walked past your grill and ” JIZZED! IN! MY PANTS!!


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