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Chicken Wings with Whiskey Sauce by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 02 August 2012 by admin     

Known as Whiskey Wings in some parts, this grilled Chicken recipe is about as good as it gets when cooking over an open fire. They’re great eating for Tailgating, or for the backyard barbecue. And they’re quick and easy to grill, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. jiffytoast Says:


  2. screwedupUS Says:

    Dude, your? video is very BAD for me.

    When I watch the videos at 11pm, it makes me very HUNGRY and I can’t sleep @!!!!!!!
    DAMNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great video, bud !!!!!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. flowersinorout Says:

    wow ! now this? one im surely gonna make lol

  4. wtfity556 Says:

    grillin? NOW!

  5. tlebin Says:

    mhhhmmm….. It’s Gud? !

  6. johnnyr2961 Says:

    Do you guys prefer to use a torch to light the charcoal or the chimney? starter?

  7. MaReBSC Says:

    4:25 feathers? lol

  8. kujalok Says:

    friendly reminder: please peel off the ginger? skin

  9. AleXXX2026 Says:


  10. trojan1111 Says:

    It has alcohol? genius. No bacteria.

  11. mrmulet Says:

    Please ignore the? food police and keep right on grilling!!!!

  12. riderdraw Says:

    my favorite whisky is one that is? 30+ years old should i use it

  13. betogarciaga Says:

    Now i found my new favorit? channel on Youtube!!.

  14. DeadOnArrival45 Says:

    This is? one of my favorite things to grill now! The wings turned out fantastic and just the past weekend i tried using chicken thighs. Turned out great. Thanks again, bbq pitt boys!

  15. 29render Says:

    YOU GOT OWNED BY THE BBQ BOYS…hey ding bat did you notice that they heated the sauce on the grill? pay attn before you comment to a pit? pro

  16. Dakdizzy Says:

    I can smell it?

  17. TokyoRomano Says:

    When are you guys gonna get your own tv show… That garbage? Rachel Ray cooks… tastes like Chum from Bikini Bottoms…

  18. DeadOnArrival45 Says:

    Man! Thank you, good sirs. I must try? this!!

  19. M14SINAL0A Says:

    Looks GuuuD?

  20. atd87atd87 Says:


  21. dickaldor Says:

    There’s less whiskey in the bottle as he’s tasting the? sauce 🙂 great video, I’m trying this!

  22. martingsg5 Says:

    Dude, maybe you didn’t notice, but they put the leftover marinade, which you called “raw chicken sauce” in the black iron pot along with butter, over direct coals mind you, which cooks? the sauce. Just an FYI before you make an uneducated statement like that.

  23. KEYBEATZ Says:

    now thats? american cusine!!!!!

  24. lexluthier22 Says:

    I fucking love y’all?

  25. thydusk666 Says:

    You just gave me an idea of what to cook this weekend during? my forest trip. Thank you!


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