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Posted on 28 January 2011 by admin     

Does the thought of baking a chocolate pudding conjure up images of effort, time and mess… but you still want to treat yourself? Then our no-bake option is ready in minutes and perfect to snuggle up to in front of the TV as the nights draw in. Get the recipe at Like us on facebook for loads more SORTED food gossip at Check out plenty of other simple, cheap and tasty recipes in our books at

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  1. DJFeeLOfficial Says:

    raw egg and he licked his finger :/….

  2. chochanggurl Says:

    You can put in hot chocolate mix! Just make sure there is cocoa in the ingredients and you put a little less sugar in.

    Make sure you do exactly 2 minutes and 30 seconds too, mine came out a bit rubbery because it looked soft, but this is delicious!

  3. mokimik Says:

    @antiJonasZone: My cake was rubbery too! @sortedfood, do you know what we did wrong???

  4. AntiJonasZone Says:

    I did mine and it was all ruberry. 🙁

  5. krissyohgeez Says:

    “Chopped up chocolate little chocolate chips” WOH!! Say THAT 5 times fast!!

  6. zetyissolovely Says:

    i don’t know why it took me so long to make it! it was so easy and delicious 😀

  7. TheMartini1234 Says:

    I was wondering why mine tasted really bad. I forgot to put in sugar! 😛

  8. electronicrockets Says:

    if we wanted to just make it chocolate, can we not put in the coffee?

  9. Secretsofadoll Says:

    I love this recipe but every time I make it, it climbs out of the mug 🙁 I’m confused, but satisfied 🙂

  10. wuzuphomeyg Says:

    D: dont use all purpose flour! you mustttt use self raising 🙂

  11. MissBeautyGal Says:

    @tuppenella uncooked egg can make you sick!

  12. MissBeautyGal Says:

    @Caitlynisfreakincool must be cocoa! it wont be chocolaty, but rather bland with no flavor!

  13. MissBeautyGal Says:

    @leviamenra real cocoa!

  14. MissBeautyGal Says:

    @JMJ363 it must be cocoa!!!! hot chocolate mix doesnt have cocoa powder! It is very sugary, your cake wont be chocolaty!

  15. Chipdiddychip900 Says:

    Could i use a glass instead of a mug?

  16. JMJ363 Says:

    By Cocoa does it have to be normal cocoa or could it be hot chocolate powder or something

  17. whendaviewentrogue Says:

    Hey, thanks for approving the video response! Your channel is great

  18. leviamenra Says:

    is that real cocoa or the mix they put in milk?

  19. Caitlynisfreakincool Says:

    i made it and it was kind of like like Styrofoam

  20. Boredom2989 Says:

    I just made it, and i thought it wasn’t done because it was so soft and fluffy xD But then i did the knife test and it was fine. I love you guys for this.

  21. Caitlynisfreakincool Says:

    the coffee is optional. Leave it out completely or swap it for vanilla essence or almond essence maybe??

  22. Caitlynisfreakincool Says:

    do you have to use coco can u use hot chocolate?

  23. tuppenella Says:

    It tasted better before I microwaved it xD I’ll keep making it without putting it in the microwave from now on 😉

  24. TopHatKitty Says:

    Totally making this tomorrow.

  25. bentheanimeguy Says:

    is a table spoon the big one?


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