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Chocolate Egg Cream – New York’s Famous Chocolate Egg Cream Drink Recipe

Posted on 27 October 2010 by admin     

Learn how to make New York’s Famous Chocolate Egg Cream Recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Chocolate Egg Cream Recipe!

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  1. 1337NoFear1337 Says:

    yeah Looked really good but didn’t taste good at all:( I rather drink club soda on it’s own:( 🙁

  2. AndreaHatesHerName Says:

    this looked so good and i was so excited for something that was supposed to be just as good as a milkshake with a fraction of the calories but I tried it and thought it was just kinda boring..
    it didnt taste particularly bad but not good either

  3. JoyeuseXI Says:

    @dimitriuss Tonic water is really bitter and nasty.

  4. dimitriuss Says:

    what about tonic water insted

  5. llollercoaster Says:

    @Volundarkvioa Holy shit… I was using a sarcastic comment to juxtapose two drinks that are extremely similar. All these people commenting in the video think this is some nasty watered down chocolate syrup. While a root beer float is just watered down ice cream, and almost everyone here has probably had one before.

    The fact that you even think that I need to know what the ingredients of a root beer float are, let alone post it 3 times. Just shows how retarded you are.

  6. Volundarkvioa Says:

    @llollercoaster And you don’t fucking make sense. Reread my comments; you asked what a root beer float was, but you were thinking I was talking about the freaking drink the video, which makes no goddamn sense when they’re two completely separate things.

  7. llollercoaster Says:

    @Volundarkvioa God damn you’re retarded…

  8. Volundarkvioa Says:

    @llollercoaster What the hell are you getting at? I was telling you what a root beer float was, and that the ice cream gives the root beer a richer, cooler taste to it. I wasn’t even commenting on the chocolate egg cream recipe, so I honestly don’t understand why you’re incorporating that into your comment (at least that’s what I’m assuming you’re referencing the milk to).

  9. llollercoaster Says:

    @Volundarkvioa Yes, I mean, these things are totally different… I mean, Icecream is like fucking worlds apart from milk, its not like one is the main ingredient for the other or something…

  10. INGc3z4r Says:

    @TerraGamerX That’s the first thing I thought when I made it

  11. TerraGamerX Says:

    Holy shit how did I not know about this? I who eats and drinks chocolate at every meal?

    This reminds me of that Chocolate Soldier drink that hasn’t been around since my childhood…

  12. TheRANDOMKid9 Says:

    You shoud make a resturant chef john!

  13. keyoffate Says:

    @WhatsGoodify dont bash it til u try it my friend

  14. Jayfoxpox Says:


    no because it will have that soy taste lol.

  15. cellopwns Says:

    i wants one! 🙁

  16. XBOXMANOR360 Says:

    @WhatsGoodify you obviously have never had a chocolate soda

  17. LondonFalling Says:

    Can I substitute soy milk for milk? Or will it not come out the same?

  18. rhettnyedotorg Says:


  19. Volundarkvioa Says:

    @llollercoaster That’s what I said. You were asking what a root beer float was either literally or sarcastically, and I was telling you that the ice cream gives the root beer a cooler and richer flavor. I didn’t mean the soda gives the ice cream a richer flavor. Lol.

  20. WhatsGoodify Says:

    chocolate and soda? yuck

  21. housekitty711 Says:

    @kelvintrinh1 it had like a million times more syrup in it than a regular glass of chocolate milk….if you tried that little half milk half syrup mix just on its own you’d be begging for soda water!

  22. llollercoaster Says:

    @Volundarkvioa No, you see. the rich flavor comes from the icecream. Soda is mostly water anyways. saying there is a difference between the two is simply redundant…

  23. de3e Says:

    whats yummier is an awesome spider! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream mixed with coke, mountain dew or creaming soda. YUMMMMAYYY.

  24. Volundarkvioa Says:

    @llollercoaster It’s root beer soda with a scoop of vanilla ice cream placed in with it. Gives it a much cooler, and rich flavor.

  25. llollercoaster Says:

    @musefeverfever Idk man, wtf is a rootbeer float…

  26. Varla Says:

    @LondonFalling…Yes, you can totally make it with soymilk. I’m drinking one right now.


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