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Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Posted on 15 March 2013 by admin     

This is probably one of the most decadent cakes you can make. It’s very rich, packed full of chocolate, chocolate fudge and… calories. Oops! Best to make i…

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  1. natashaakulkarni Says:

    Soo? delish

  2. connorpipe1 Says:

    i love your accent are you? english?

  3. connorpipe1 Says:

    c & f word i was like? ;D

  4. VkDrift Says:

    4:44 Deadmau5?

  5. Saran Prasad Says:


  6. jackolanter911 Says:

    I love your voice! You kinda remind me? of Mrs.Doubtfire

  7. chrystelleajean Says:

    do you have to use? almonds?

  8. Anna Bjarnsteinsdóttir Says:

    mmmm, I wanna make that for my birthday!?

  9. CartB0X Says:

    Just watched this? video by chance (it was in my “recommended for you” list)
    and wow, titli you’re a legend!! I love you video and cooking style, I am now a massive fan after just watching this one video – subscribed!

  10. ??? ??????? Says:

    ???? ?

  11. Dakota Starr Says:

    That lady freaks? me out…

  12. LENA7861 Says:

    im hungry now… give me, give me, give me…. yummmmmmmyy….?

  13. Sue Knox Says:

    you remind me of mrs doubtfire and oohyeah this is supposed to? be a compliment and you’re awesome.

  14. rafal nakhwa Says:

    aww its really confusing with the grams….could you please give a reference for them measurements? in cups????

  15. pops24x7 Says:

    Mothers day cake…? Sorted! Haha

  16. Jonathan Rasky Says:

    Hi Titli!! am about to make the cake, but, for? what ingrediente can i change the golden syrup, here in my country i really don´t know what it is…. Thanks!!

  17. Erika Zaira Says:

    cou? love ceke

  18. Kaylee Bechtold Says:


  19. Kathleen Woodruff Says:

    Thanks now? i now how to make a delisuse chocolate cake! 🙂

  20. Kathleen Woodruff Says:

    Thanks now i now how to make? a delisuse chocolate cake.

  21. richjoyce31 Says:

    i just? love your accent, ma’am. and it keeps me want to watch it ’till the end 🙂

  22. TitliNihaan Says:

    I have a videos that answer? both your questions

  23. Noelle Downing Says:

    What? is golden syrup????
    And caster sugar is fine sugar, correct?

  24. samirahnoor Says:

    Can I use oil instead of? butter?

  25. TheNLmeidd Says:

    It turned out to be a nice pie 😀 Thank you :D?