Chocolate Raspberry Crumb Bars – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep. 152

Posted on 12 October 2011 by admin     

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  1. dmdomah1998 Says:

    If I’m not using raspberry , will it taste too much chocolate ?

  2. lauradavis1975 Says:

    So good, just made these!!!!!

  3. lauradavis1975 Says:

    Just made them!!!! So good, so buttery so flakey, so ooey good chocolatey!!! Gish I could eat the whole pan!!!!

  4. HellsBells666100 Says:

    31zim it probs doesnt matter if it is cool or not because the chocolate and condensed milk is already warm and it is going in tge oven anyway

  5. Mosspool890 Says:

    i made this yesterday and it’s AWESOME!
    thank you so much <333

  6. 31zim Says:

    can someone help once it hast par baked do i let it cool before putting choc on or do i take out of oven and put choc etc on?

  7. GrandeCreations Says:

    I was just about to make this and i don’t have any condensed milk, so annoyed! 🙁

  8. TheLostAura Says:

    Can i replace Sweetened Condensed Milk with something else? Seems i can’t find it anywhere over here >_< And i'd really like to make this for my big sister's birthday.

  9. iizyan Says:

    I just made this! And oh my gosh! IT’S SUPER DELICIOUS! 😀

  11. LilyFlower26 Says:

    i wish i was your coworker!

  12. xMimoo Says:

    I just made this it’s AWESOME, thanks so much!

  13. muaxmuaxmuax Says:

    i wish i could eat my screen…

  14. dmdomah1998 Says:

    If I’m not using raspberry , is it gonna taste to much chocolate “

  15. cucmberflower Says:

    Whats the brand of the butter you use in all your videos? I really really want to know! Thank you!!!

  16. StrawberriiVivi Says:

    I like her winks at the end! OMO..looks so yummy xD

  17. harmonyzc Says:

    I tried to take a bite but my face hit the screen :'(

  18. tigerstripe16 Says:

    I wish i worked with her O_O :3

  19. ArtGirl101503 Says:

    i bet your the best cook in the world but i just hate it when you take a bite you make me starve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. jjh12able Says:

    that looks sooooooo yummy laura

  21. jiema91 Says:

    i used celcius too ~
    i bake this recipe about 180 celcius ~

  22. jiema91 Says:

    laura, i make this recipe today for my Eid’s Day and my family, cousin and my friends really really love it !!
    they also suggested me to sell this dessert on the Internet~
    and I am proud to tell them that I learned this resipe from my fave Italian chef !
    thank you Laura !!

  23. sonnenjojo Says:

    Please help me!!!! 😀 how do you bake it? When you bake something in the oven, what do you stay for this? Do you say something like ” on 375 ° F”, like we do it in germany with just grad celsius? hope you understand me, i’m just a young girl , who loves your recipes ;),it’s already hard enough to converte cups in gram ;D Greets from Germany!?

  24. 1Gavinsmommy Says:

    These are the BEST things i’ve ever eaten!!!! I do not like raspberries but I love them on this and the only thing I would do different is add MORE raspberry jam 🙂 THANK U

  25. YAYA18ify Says:

    iLOVE you Laura, but i HATE your video, because everytime i watch, i make what yo make, and now i have gained a LOT of weight!

  26. dmdomah1998 Says:

    Can I make this without raspberries ?


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