Classic Breakfast: Perfect Eggs & Potato Hash Recipe!

Posted on 20 January 2012 by admin     

Here’s a classic, all-American, ‘diner’-style breakfast: sunny-side-up eggs and a delicious potato hash. And don’t forget to sign up for our new, weekly(ish) newsletter for extra tidbits, more recipes, and updates on the Working Class Foodies cookbook:

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  1. dstark408 Says:

    It’s 12:30 at night and all I want now is your breakfast! ? Looks great…

  2. lustylaws Says:

    I agree you’r eye’s are beautiful & the hash & egg’s will be hitting my breakfast table here in London? soon mum mum mum.

  3. pearl811210 Says:

    looks good i might try? it thanks

  4. freemanx2x Says:

    You would be even more pretty if you? would lose like 15 pounds ! …just leave the potatoes out of your breakfast…

  5. agentLESLIEgee Says:

    @90abyss? x2

  6. 90abyss Says:

    What? song is playing in the background?

  7. vanPoll Says:

    love her!? 🙂

  8. lastgameplay Says:

    Real good job? on the camera work!!

  9. magadee1000 Says:

    Dog is nice…. but she can give? a good eggy blow for BREAKFAST, she can RIM it as welll

  10. MrGamergg Says:

    Im hungry?

  11. 1989clamchowder Says:

    Yummm yummm. I love potato hash w/corned beef and sunny side up eggs. Oh and a? cup of fresh squeezed OJ.

  12. 1989clamchowder Says:

    Yummm yummm. I love potato hash w/corned beef and sunny side up eggs. Oh and a? cup of fresh squeezed OJ.

  13. MegaWave81 Says:

    Awesome! thanks? 🙂

  14. harveyshideout Says:

    dont be so? god dam rude, girls with curves are much nicer. Anyway skin the tomatoes and put the potatoes in with the garlic and sausage, I say this because it would be better, i know this because i am the greatest chef/troll online.

  15. MegaMat84 Says:

    you should eat fecking lettuce for breakfast not potatoes, loose? weight girl

  16. PiotrThePrimate Says:

    You can parboil the potatoes quickly using? a microwave oven.

  17. tdahl7 Says:

    You’re? pretty

  18. cocobrownallaround Says:

    This looks great. I love? the idea of cracking the eggs in a cup first. I’m going to start doing that from now on because cracking them in the skillet never worked for me. Good video.

  19. PrincessQPatsy Says:

    Oh? my god, this looks soooo delicious!!! (*o*) ? I know what I’m eating tomorrow morning!!! :9

  20. dominikadeep Says:

    @spabank no mines are?

  21. nutmegger1957 Says:

    I like the concept of your cooking vidoes……..thanks. ? Talk a tad slower please. Helps my brain (as deficient as it is) keep up.
    Best wishes………….

  22. benny1473 Says:

    if you dont start talking the queens english? she will take it away from you,,, then you will have to start talking native,,,,, you know the people you stole the land from

  23. benny1473 Says:

    what are erbs,,,,,, its Herbs you dumb yank, and why? do you speak so fast,,, affraid someone will cut you off for talking bullshit??????????????

  24. eazye1948 Says:

    wow you use myspace still?
    Get with the times people myspace? is the past!!!

  25. dantebezze Says:

    that is really cool!thanks?


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