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Coca-Cola Recipe Revealed!

Posted on 09 March 2011 by admin     

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  1. LoveElla15 Says:

    I laughed at you can joke 😀 cause i crack lame jokes as well.

  2. emt21wave Says:

    Which one isn’t him? Can’t tell, can ya?

  3. 1NEVBEAR1 Says:

    How can you not know what Cinnamon is? :L COME ON 😉

  4. suppuratebe Says:

    this_kid_is_HILARIOUS_just_search_”Joe Terino Kesha”

  5. eatenedurpickle Says:

    what a waste of alcohol v.v

  6. MaximusAdonicus Says:

    That was pretty funnay 🙂

  7. pmcapaldi Says:

    @makeorbreakgirlz it’s beard lovers

  8. lawmenskinningbj Says:

    this_dudes_FUNNY_search_for_”Joe Terino Kesha”

  9. szolotukhin Says:

    Wait… you woke up… WITHOUT morning wood? IMPOSSIBLE!

  10. makeorbreakgirlz Says:

    “Oh, hey there lovers.”

  11. KSaebinMusic Says:

    I’m talking about coca cola. The soft drink. The drink that is soft. So you think, but the bubbles burn. THE BUBBLES BURNNNN!


  12. adnilgreen Says:

    you should have your own movie

  13. back4thefight Says:

    Wheezy, you wasted so much alcohol! Shame on you.

  14. IdioticSmiley Says:

    Your a waiter and yet you do not know what cinnamon is……..

  15. Jadexfriendsforever Says:


  16. Licmycat Says:

    @barret707 O-p-shaw…I’m blushing…ThX ye.

  17. barret707 Says:

    @Licmycat haha that’s all i thought too! 😛 you hero

  18. iLikeeTuurtles Says:

    Tha bubbles BURN!

  19. eebledeezo Says:

    You don’t know what cinnamon is?

  20. bmanc2000 Says:

    @Idofphoenix he probobly has all of them toscrub his tiny balls

  21. Wired4Reality Says:

    You forgot Gazette!!

  22. Licmycat Says:

    U wasted ALCOHOL??

  23. samtastic517 Says:

    Don’t you EVER make me think of your butt crack again Wheezy.

  24. musicmaniac95 Says:

    I’m addicted to coca cola… Legit. Does this make me an alcoholic? Lol

  25. 4609mwp Says:



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