Cocktail Slippers – “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”

Posted on 09 November 2010 by admin     

The Cocktail Slippers are on Wicked Cool Records (founded by Little Steven Van Zandt). Their new album SAINT VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE is out in Europe on 27 April; US on 28 April. Visit Directed by Robert Hayman.

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  1. sdingeswho Says:

    Still *love* this one (and, naturally, it showed-up again last night, for Part One of the three Valentine’s Day shows on LSUG) ! “SVDM” and “Up and Down” by The Chesterfield Kings are, IMHO, the two best modern songs Steve has ever featured on the show (and I’ve been listening all 8-years-and-counting). Both are on his label, too — wise move, to get ’em signed before somebody else did!

  2. mrgb46 Says:

    The whole cd is great.Produced by Little Steven..

  3. Jan3574 Says:

    Its Blondie

  4. NickUF Says:

    Glad it wasn’t just me 😀

    It is the best new song I’ve heard in years; I was beginning to think people couldnt make songs like this any more!

  5. epsteinsmutha1 Says:

    What an incredibly nice group of human beings. Sugar Cane and Rocket Queen are absolutely the sweetest people I’ve happened upon. The torch has been passed. Sure hope the Cocktail Slippers can avoid the egos, heroin and Twinkies that felled the Go-Go’s.

  6. thadudekenny Says:

    i thought it was blondie when i heard this first time.

  7. OEKIE77 Says:

    My first reaction was: The Go Go’s are back in town! Belinda Carlisle doing “Our
    lips are sealed” all over again. This song,
    which is quite enjoyable, could’ve easily
    been released in the ’80’s, where girl-
    bands were topping the charts regularly,
    and blended in quite nicely with their male
    counterparts. Great and classic songs like “Really stupid” (The Primitives),
    “I walk the earth” (Voice of the Beehive) or
    even “Love is the slug” by Fuzzbox were
    all the rage back then. Cheers!

  8. aadt0502 Says:

    When I heard it first on the radio I thought: Whooo long time no hear. And now I read its a new song. So it is an old sound, and that’s nice:D

  9. ZEEROCK34 Says:

    I LOOOVVVVEEE IT!! One of the best songs of 2009!!

  10. 2nstra Says:

    So true….same idea came ot my mind !!! They song has such an 80s sound to it. I LOV E IT !!!!

  11. bighandzlv Says:

    I love this song. Sounds like The Bangles and Blondie

  12. jorn89 Says:

    Oh and for the record, neither can i 😛

  13. jorn89 Says:

    Ok she can’t dance but she can deffinetly sing, sounds old but great 🙂

  14. Denton91 Says:

    this is incredible!

  15. sdingeswho Says:

    *Great* band, and great single! Puts a lot of male acts to shame . . . dunno what’s in the water (or the snow) over there, but they really do garage-rock right in Scandinavia! 😀 All props to “Little” Steven Van Zandt, without whom we’d probably never have heard the Slippers over here!

  16. LadyInWaiting714 Says:

    These women ought to be hellafamous. Love this video, and love all three albums.

  17. GlitterMike Says:

    I just got the CD “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.” I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes this song.

  18. goldcollect Says:

    Yes, we need to hear more on the radio.

  19. rocker1623 Says:

    Amazing vocal harmonies

  20. justsomemadman Says:

    great song and a solid band

  21. smallandmumpy Says:

    Haha, It’s back!!!

  22. GlitterMike Says:

    Thanks for bringing this back.


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