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Cola Marinated Pork Spare Ribs with BBQ Beans

Posted on 06 November 2011 by admin     

Cola marinated Spare Ribs cooked “low and slow” on the grill and then served with a side of Barbeque Beans makes for some real good eatin’. And, it’s real easy to do as shown by one of the BBQ Pit Boys!

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  1. 66Deaf Says:

    damn .. i feel like grabing a big knife and go hunting right now ..

  2. lhemeon Says:


  3. bockenrecords Says:

    Man.. You’re hungry or what…!? Nope… I just eat a pizza 😉

  4. cableguyeast Says:

    Great!!! Thank you. I made the ribs exactly as you showed and they were sooo good. My family loved them. Thank you for your videos

  5. TheFallguy11 Says:

    Tell ya what Sir i wish i lived next to you, hell id buy all the beer and keep ya on that grill with da fixins and all, id even supply the hogs and music. Ya keep on doing yur good work there and thank-you for the viddle tips yall.

  6. tecnojedi Says:

    Made these yesterday but instead of cola i used Dr Pepper. Absolutely glorious !!! had to fight to get to one they went down a treat round the pit.

  7. rolet18 Says:

    OMG my mouth was waterin just from watching u cut the ribs they lookd sooo good do u hav a recipe book?

  8. GlitzJackson Says:

    @SirithHeruwen oh shiiit!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! that was SO damn F.U.N.N.Y. !!!! ;D

  9. SirithHeruwen Says:

    OH NO!!! Never pour coke on PORK!! BILL CLINTON WILL COME OUT!!

  10. gyqz Says:

    AWWWWWWW…no sausages this time?? LOL

  11. TheJustinbfananne021 Says:

    i love bbq

  12. TheFirearmEnthusiast Says:

    How come the charcoal doesn’t go out when they close the lid?

  13. pmullinax76 Says:

    dude this guy has to be a stoner to make food that good

  14. Regisphilben Says:

    Based on their grillin’ videos alone, I would vote BBQ Pit Boys for President over Barack Obama Douche Bag

  15. BLeSSeDoGkUSH420 Says:

    i love how they tell the measurements but use their eyes to measure lol

  16. BLeSSeDoGkUSH420 Says:

    @RandyD4 add some wood

  17. antlese Says:

    I love this recipe . Gonna try it out tmrw.

  18. Muscleduck Says:

    My mouth is watering I need a bucket for real. This looks extremely tasty. Maybe I can try this out this summer.

  19. CaptainKorhonen Says:

    You made me very, VERY hungry. =D

  20. lowgizzle Says:

    You smell that? That smells gudddd!!!

  21. JVZBrowser Says:

    Do you do that every day in Texas if yes i want to be there too

  22. trish2809 Says:

    Cant wait to try this!.. Great job guys!.. I enjoy watching every video

  23. EWGFus3r Says:

    i bet you can marinate all kinds of pork/beef that way.

  24. Troy3977 Says:

    EPIC indeed!

  25. SenseiShotokan Says:

    Man I love you… I keep watching you! What’s the title of that song?
    From Montreal Canada, keep it up!


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