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Cook Jamaican Recipes iphone app

Posted on 05 November 2010 by admin     

Jamaican cooking techniques, flavors, spices and recipes are a rich & exciting blend of African, Native Indian, Spanish, British, East Indian, Chinese, Lebanese and Jewish cuisine. The Jamaican cuisine is fashioned from the Jamaican national motto Out of many one people. The result is the most flavorful cuisine in the Caribbean which many describe as Out of many one pot. Learn how to cook many of the dishes that fill Jamaican menus. Some of these recipes are seen in restaurants, while others are primarily home-cooked dishes, sometimes made for special holidays and events. This app includes many traditional Jamaican recipes including the following: Jerk Chicken Jerk Pork Jerk Fish Jerk Lobster Jerk Shrimp Escovitch Fish Fricassee Chicken Curry Chicken Steamed Cabbage and Saltfish Callaloo and Saltfish Steamed Fish Peppered Shrimp Curried Shrimp Roast Fish Curry Goat Oxtails Tripe & Beans Cow Foot Stew Peas Beef Soup Beef Patty Hardough Bread Ital Stew Peas Festival Learn how to cook these and many more Jamaican recipes!!!!

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