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Cooking: Peach Pork Chops, green beans & my 3RD candied yam recipe!

Posted on 04 February 2012 by admin     

I only give IDEAS of what to put in food to change it up a bit, I never give exact measurements cuz I don’t measure. So I just give IDEAS instead of trying to turn this into a cooking channel, lol! Enjoy my ideas and tweaks!

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  1. msnettys12 Says:

    Girl? u just made me hungry! lol

  2. DJ23322332 Says:


  3. montanadeleon1 Says:

    @radiokdee25 i don’t know where they have set? up business luv

  4. radiokdee25 Says:

    I never heard of that place. Is it only? in Atlanta?

  5. montanadeleon1 Says:

    @radiokdee25? publix

  6. radiokdee25 Says:

    Where’d you? get those yam patties? I’ve never seen those before

  7. montanadeleon1 Says:

    @meganjerai LOL?

  8. WeddingPlanner00 Says:

    Looks good. Minus? the yams.

  9. TheUniqueGemini Says:


  10. LyricalPhetish Says:

    *Licks lips* Kari Approved…….oh, the food? looks good too.

  11. cocomama32 Says:

    Gurl you are? the such GREAT ideas I am going to camicakes soon!!!

  12. cylane06 Says:

    Looks yummy?

  13. erdlegna Says:

    luv? it! and I luv pork!

  14. TheCaramelcutie Says:

    Looks? good!

  15. meganjerai Says:

    U need? to go on Chopped. You’re good at cooking with random products

  16. Brena1971 Says:


  17. brelash Says:

    Looks deeelish!!!?

  18. pought86 Says:

    looks? fyyyyyeee lol

  19. montanadeleon1 Says:

    @ICYUNVE publix?

  20. montanadeleon1 Says:

    @naturalself9 wow, people still think certain foods are gonna stop? getting eaten?

  21. naturalself9 Says:

    wow, people? still eat pork?

  22. ShiDoll4Ever Says:

    Thank u for? doing that video,3 it!! That has given me a new way to cook pork chop,s, n green beans.

  23. katieemilyx0 Says:

    LOVE watching you cook!?

  24. UrbanBeauty1000 Says:

    I will try this!

    I tried the rotel nachos? and I made a vid but haven’t posted it yet:(

  25. selstarlet Says:

    i will be trying this for sure.. Am West Indian? and we love our food well seasoned in the Carribbean! Great vid! kinda reminds me of my twist on Jerk goat.


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