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Dal Dhokli

Posted on 22 February 2011 by admin     

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  1. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Glad to hear that. Thanx for sharing. Keep making and enjoying.

  2. justforfun234 Says:

    hi bhavna, I tried your dal dhokli..came out very well..You are awesome! i watch you videos regularly..i love cooking too…you rock bhavna !:)

  3. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    OF course, I do. It is under Gujarati Daal. Enjoy!

  4. sheaheanaz Says:

    do you have a recipe for the dhal part? 🙂

  5. SuperVeggieDelight Says:


  6. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Thanx for sahring. Enjoy!

  7. romanindian01 Says:

    Excellent recipie

  8. romanindian01 Says:

    Just wanted to share this with yo Bhavna,

  9. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    You can but taste will be vary from dal to dal. So

  10. somi0807 Says:

    can we make it from any type of left over daal means toor dal chana dal etc..
    btw it looks so yummy..thax for sharing bhavna..

  11. SuperVeggieDelight Says:


  12. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    you most welcome and keep enjoying.

  13. vanitavishram1974 Says:

    Hi Bhavna!
    Many thanx for uploading my request. With your 2 kids, it must be hard but still you care for people like us. My family is very happy these days just because of you we are having nice dinner time everyday..

  14. canadiandesi420 Says:

    Hi Bhavna!
    Thank you for showing my request. Really appreciate your efforts. May god bless you with success.

  15. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    It took about 15 min once I added all dhoklis into pot. But timings may vary due to many factors so you have to actually taste to find out if it is cooked or not. Enjoy!

  16. SuperVeggieDelight Says:


  17. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Will try to share soon

  18. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    You have to actually taste to find out if it is cooked properly or not. Enjoy!

  19. techiedkb Says:

    Hi Bhavna! Thank you for this wonderful mouth is watering, literally!! brings back childhood memories..even my mother used to make this on sundays for a heavy meal and a long nap :)…”khaatle thi paatle and paatle thi khaatle”….:D
    btw, how do we know if the dhokli is cooked in the dal? how long do we cook on medium flame once we add the dhokli?

  20. MissRaniKaur Says:

    good recipe bhavna do u know any slow cooker recipe thanks

  21. TheRajKumary Says:

    Wow My childhood memories coming back 😀 Every Sunday my mumma used to make this! My mom used to put peanuts in it too. Thanks for sharing this, maybe I will make this on sunday 😀

  22. SuperVeggieDelight Says:

    Thanx for sharing. Enjoy!

  23. trupti999 Says:

    tat was amazing.. i am a gujrati in UK missin home food.thanku so much bhawana… the best thing is tat u prepare only veg dishes.lots of wishes and luck


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