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Drunken Melon Balls Recipe

Posted on 22 October 2011 by admin     

Summer is here and is my house so are these partially frozen, sweet melons balls lightly enhanced with pineapple juice, triple sec and raspberry vodka….I don’t know too many parties or gatherings where drunken melon balls WOULDN’T be welcomed! These never last long at my cookouts , diva parties or in my own refrigerator. They are just that fun and refreshing to eat. And call me crazy but I think melons taste better when they are in cute little ball form. Feel free to use your favorite fruity alcohol combinations to “spike” these melon balls with. GET RECIPE: Music by Kevin Macleod

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. monmalcolm Says:

    Your amazing love your recipes

  2. 510mobbshit Says:

    how many did it take to get drunk?

  3. adavaca Says:

    wow, fucking AMZING

  4. starbreez3 Says:

    Get a spoon and eat it, its freshier, and just tastes the same, no need for complication. Nature at it’s best.

  5. loveLoveLiveLaugh Says:

    i want to try thissss

  6. CanBlindBirdsFly Says:

    adorable!!!! i know what im making tomorrooowww! lol

  7. qtlovescb Says:

    I made this for a get together at my house… This was the hype of the party, everyone was twisted.. lol
    I loved my BOOZEBALLS!!!

  8. alecolombianaful Says:

    Looks so beautiful and delicious!

  9. PregnantWhaleOnE Says:

    mioum !!

  10. BrandyBoo81 Says:

    Mmmm THIS is my kinda recipe !!

  11. BrandyBoo81 Says:

    Mmmm THIS is my kinda recipe !!

  12. sLOTFY100 Says:

    amaziiing wooooooooooooow ! thanks so much this is a great idea! especially in the hot egyptian summer! im making this for my friends asap!

  13. patutty Says:

    r u kidding me? i am SO doin this, wow!!!!!!!!!

  14. ultrakool Says:

    sloe gin and mango juice is the way to go

  15. missemmons21 Says:

    Thanks for sharing!!! I can’t wait to try this. 🙂

  16. 1DivineChocolate Says:

    such a cute idea…you are the best!!! thanks for sharing!!

  17. natrualfroqueen Says:

    Looks Yummy

  18. Beliebeinmagic Says:

    i love how this girl has such a bubbly personality wich makes her videos a little bit more interesting, because most people in cooking videos are just plain boring!

  19. trippsstar Says:

    im haveing a sex toy party the 23rd with my friend i am sooo making this!!

  20. ST4RBURSTS Says:

    This loooks really good! Hahh my aunts having a barbecue and what can u substitute for the alchohal cuz theer are gunna be kids… LOLZZ

  21. bonita33diva Says:

    OMG!! OMG!! great recipe !!!

  22. ButtahscotchKisses Says:

    Do you get a little buzz?

  23. StarAnisse Says:

    Girl, I am loving this recipe. It is super easy. I’m having a birthday party in two weeks and I will be making some drunken melon balls. Thanks, sis.

  24. cynapple42 Says:

    @kymelle THAT WAS HYSTERICAL!!! you were like, ‘skip the fruit / just give my the ‘hol!!” LOLOL!

  25. kymelle Says:

    Looks delicious, if you take out all that melon and pineapple filler 😉


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