Dunkin’ Donuts packaged coffee makes gift giving easy

Posted on 18 December 2012 by admin     

Dunkin’ Donuts packaged coffee has just come out with three new seasonally inspired varieties – Mocha Mint, Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Cookie. All new varieties come in whimsical packaging with select bags of Dunkin’ Donuts coffees also including a paper gift tag. What Dunkin’ Donuts wants to say with that is simple – packaged coffee makes gift wrapping easy!

The select bags of the seasonal coffees are perfect stocking stuffers or holiday treats. And to show you how, they have partnered with Cindy Hopper. Cindy is a popular crafting blogger and the founder for SkipToMyLou.org.

Cindy says that in order to create packaging that looks great to any recipient you simply need some motivation and imagination. She adds that “I love wrapping holiday gifts – from little treasures like Dunkin’ Donuts seasonal packaged coffee to bigger presents like kids’ toys and electronics – in unexpected and creative ways.”

For specific ideas on how to wrap your gifts, see the player below, visit Cindy’s website and of course, use your imagination!

Dunkin’ Donuts packaged coffee is available where you buy your groceries. However, if you can’t find it, head over to www.dunkinathome.com to find the nearest store selling their seasonal packaged coffee.

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