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Easy Vodka Drink Recipes featuring Flavored Vodka

Posted on 18 January 2011 by admin     

Looking for simple vodka drinks with recipes that include only two ingredients — vodka and a mixer? These simple vodka cocktails make it easy to serve up great drinks for a party, surprise company or a quiet evening at home. Pink Flamingo 2 oz Van Gogh Acai — Blueberry Vodka 3 oz. Pink Lemonade Pomegranate Sunrise 2 oz Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka 3 oz Orange Juice Bay Breeze 2 oz Van Gogh Pineapple Vodka 3 oz Cranberry Juice Cream Soda 2 oz Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka 3 oz Ginger Ale Gogh Double Espresso 3 oz Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka Garnish with a Biscotti Cran — Raspberry Martini 2 oz Van Gogh Raspberry Vodka 2 oz Cran-Raspberry Juice

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. sexytubes Says:

    don’t make these drinks unless you want your friends to laugh at you.

  2. Techlaker101 Says:

    she sucks

  3. oORagDollOo Says:

    vodka ftw

  4. joshua61991 Says:

    martini in a bottle? Vermouth is a pretty important part of a martini though, cheaters!

  5. SOUTHSIDER1985 Says:

    Vodka/ cheryade is bare nice…also im gonna try vodka/ cream soda…

  6. sushiqt07 Says:

    please explain to me why the creamsicle one is with ginger ale??? shouldnt it be orange???? have they ever had a creamsicle??!!!

  7. matrice911 Says:

    i dont have that much alcohol in my house Oo a big 2L of smirnoff 10 bottles of rhum 10 bottles of wine thats it….

  8. qwerbugga15 Says:

    ummmmmm……..who drank those…………….drinks after lool just message me if u need someone to drink it and nice recipes

  9. lhamilton020 Says:

    a sunrise is wit tequila

  10. 20mik07 Says:

    Or you can just neck the bottle

  11. hotmixmuchote Says:

    Check out Hotmixology’s youtube channel for the latest new liquor brands and drink recipes. Dont forget to subscribe!

  12. thechoos Says:

    your vids are the best. simple and so easy with 2 or 3 ingredients!!!!!

  13. kumarman23 Says:

    lol agreed 😛

  14. yosi1653 Says:

    damm that purple one and the black one looks so good..makes you wanna slap yo mamaXD
    no realy…now i wanna be a bartender 😛

  15. j21e03s80c Says:

    bueno no lo niego youtube me a ayudado mucho en mi trabajo pero si en realidad lo que quieres es una bebida rapida compra de las preparadas como skyblu,smirnoff ice, lo que agregan para ligar la bebida es peor que las bebidas envasadas una vez mas que asco…

  16. Hater656 Says:

    El chiste es que son bebidas fàciles de preparar en casa.

  17. 71NovaSS Says:

    I drink Burnetts when I can’t find cherry flavored 3 Olives

  18. MichaelDcodered94 Says:

    wat the fuck ever

  19. Grassy1990 Says:

    Drink burnetts we buy like 2 bottles every night we go hard all the time

  20. boelsa Says:

    vanilla vodka and ginger ale is called a cream soda not a cream sickle

  21. j21e03s80c Says:

    pura calabaza parece q hacen las bebidas con las patas un insulto a los bartenders like me…

  22. Koolaid1Kid Says:

    the more alcohol the better 🙂

  23. NinjaTaco08 Says:

    wish the guy would shut the fuck up

  24. monkey0900 Says:

    cool! looks really colorfull!
    lookin for recipes for prom so ya thankss!

  25. siouxsiebecks Says:

    Vodka and ginger ale, yum yum yum! loads of ice..


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