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Eggies – product review

Posted on 11 July 2012 by admin     

Jack Scalfani tried out the new Eggies TV product to see if it works. Be sure to sign up for

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  1. chubbybunnyzz Says:

    jack i think you shouldve slightly squeezed the the plasic part to let air come in and then the? egg would slide out

  2. LarryBundyJr Says:

    So they’ve just made an Egg Poacher, a device used for 100’s of years, and made it ten times as? difficult to use?

  3. CityRuler1 Says:

    Only in America.?

  4. Gahlia101 Says:

    Great video bad product!
    Who would ever buy that crap. Just boil? an egg the old fashion:(

  5. PopcornShowers Says:

    Do they come with? cancer? Lol

  6. loltubelvr007 Says:

    Just got mine.? Other videos were mixed. Hope they work better for me. Still looking for a clean-up video.

  7. ColbertLoyalist Says:

    Makes sense, MultiGhostPepper. Thanks.?

  8. srk1952in Says:

    The Demo itself is mess-up. The ime tkaen to fill & open is a waste. Boiled egg with shell is hygenic & sfe for? storing. Moreover natural boiled eggs & makids to remove the shells gives motivation to kids to eat a few direct, like potato peeling.

  9. CornyJokeShow Says:

    r they even safe 2 boil? i mean i kno they sucked and all, but they seem un safe 2 eat, u kno since those things r made of plastic, and when u put plastic under high tempatures the chemicals in it leak out into the air, or ur water or food… and then those CHEMICALS get into u body… that doesn’t sound? safe at all.
    *no hate intended

  10. Steve Miller Says:

    This product sucks. They come loose in the water, the eggs were not always cooked well or? they simply opened up making flavorless egg drop soup – and it is a lot of work to get them started – threw away after 3 attempts 🙁

  11. Tristian Jewer Says:

    How long did you cook them for? I put mine in and about 30 minutes later they were still? uncooked at the top. XP

  12. duffer108 Says:

    It’s apparently meant to save time but it takes 20 minutes for to put all the eggs? in

  13. mirihido52 Says:

    but if you look on the box it kinda advertised ‘you don’t have to peel eggs again’ then? you’d see on the side some simplified instruction saying ‘crack, boil, twist’

  14. mirihido52 Says:

    well i guess it? is the work it took to make plain boiled egg… seems rather pointless doesn’t

  15. AznBrIaN1Lt Says:

    i don’t get it the eggies did its job it cooked the egg.? maybe with a little more cooking spray it will come out easier it just put it in icy water right after it comes out of the hot water.

  16. Trasgado Says:

    I think I figured out the? original intention for this product. Its likely to be used with the egg alternatives that they have available in the stores.

  17. DragonAurora Says:

    LOL I? know, right? And of course peeling a hard boiled egg is SUCH hard work!

  18. 7schult77 Says:

    I think that you are funny as hell! you really try out the products and give your opinion. very? informative! ty.

  19. KathyLondon112 Says:


  20. XJonathasX Says:

    Realy ?? It exists?
    I thought God had already thought of that

  21. 00JokerFace Says:


  22. ashleyyyl1 Says:

    Fatso complain much? Looks like he hasn’t eaten a hard boiled egg? in his life. You, sir are the fail.

  23. samanthasweeney1 Says:

    im in? memphis!

  24. creepercraft23 Says:

    Yes were? serious…

  25. 110ih Says:



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